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July 18, 2012 – Long e-mail of the week and not enough time!

This has been one hectic week and super crazy!  One, it's transfer announcements here in Mindoro, which means P-day is Wednesday. We just had a district conference for all of the members in Occidental Mindoro and then Zone Conference the day after. Let me outline the days so you can know what's been going on.

Tuesday night:  Exchanges today with Elder Quinton from Canada.  The Whitings were able to take us to Vicente's house and the car got stuck in the mud because it has just rained...again.  So, we called the neighbors and we were able to push it out after a great lesson with Vicente about keeping the Sabbath day holy.
Elder Quinton

Wednesday: My first time leading the area and it has given me much confidence in my abilities. I feel like I've been kind of riding on Elder O's. knowledge of the area, but I have proven myself capable and able to communicate with the people we teach. I was so scared at first but “If ye are prepared, ye shall not fear."  It doesn't say, you might not fear, but that you shall not fear. All the fears that I had disappeared and I was able to teach more comfortably than I have all transfer. ^_^  I felt the Spirit much teaching with Elder Quinton.

Thursday:  Elder Furner broke his foot and so he's staying at our apartment to find out if his foot is broken from the doctor on Friday.

Friday:  Weekly planning and missionary coordination meeting. At weekly planning I brought up my concerns again but I think Elder O. has finally started to warm up to me. We talked about our companionship and he said we just had a late start... haha, yeah. I guess you can say it like that.  We cleaned the house all morning; it looks the best it's ever been!!!!  Still no word on Furner's foot.

Saturday: District Conference. Let me share a little bit about what Elder Perez said (Area 70)…
650,000 members in the Philippines.
December 2011: 115,000 active
Since the start of the focus of Less Active program this year…
May 2012: 135,000 active = +20,000 active members in 6 months throughout the whole Philippines!!!
(Many more things I want to share but maybe next Monday na lang.) He was a great teacher!
The Assistants to the President are staying at our house now till Tuesday morning.
Furner's foot is broken and he's going back to Quezon City to heal.

Sunday:  We had 13 less actives come to conference!!! That's great news!!! The conference was great and many people did attend. We had Sablayan missionaries come down (3 hours away) to stay until after zone conference = 10 people sleeping in our apartment. It got messy again.... >.<
I went on splits and taught some people in my area with 2 elders from Sablayan, my old Zone leader, Elder Dante. He told me how much growth he's seen in me since my first transfer and It gave me much more confidence. I've had the best lessons this day than I've had all transfer because I had the opportunity to lead and the time to pause and let the Spirit work.  ^_^
President told Elder O. that he'll be going to Calintaan (Elder Furner's district)to cover his area and I'll tripanionship with the Zone leaders until Elder Furner heals daw.

Monday: Zone Conference
Missionaries with President DelaMare, his counselors, and spouses
Few impressions:  "The Lord uses the unlikely to do the Impossible.” And it's so true!  Who would send 19 year old young men to establish the church on an island like Mindoro? Only the Lord who can use us as a testimony to His power and His love for His Children by making miracles happen through us.  ^_^
President said that in the 2 years he's been coming in and out of Mindoro, this transfer he's seen the biggest change in the leadership and in the reception of the people.  ^_^ Great news!

Today I worked with Elder Frost and President Whiting to teach the Domingo family and Senosa family.
Elder Frost
President Whiting
Tuesday: Worked with the Zone leaders in both my area and their area. It was interesting. We met a few new people in my area and they want us to come back!  We seemed to have gained their trust.
I have a golden investigator in my area, Sister Noemi Alforte.  She has two beautiful kids and has a strong testimony. By strong testimony I mean she’s finished the Book of Mormon and the gospel principles book since we started teaching her in March. She says she just wants to do all the Lord wants from her.  But, we found out she can't get baptized until she gets married. And the mayor charges money and the Catholic Priest is like the only one on the island with a marriage license besides the mayor.  But now, we have a senior couple as the District Executive Secretary, Elder Candland, and he's working on getting all the branch presidents a marriage license.  If it works well it should take about a month after the papers are submitted, so, we hope it should be done soon:)  Noemi is the closest to baptism; she's basically a member already.
Our Zone leader, Elder Herr
Wednesday: I'm not transferring. Elder O. may stay in Calintaan and I may get a new companion.  I don't know what's going to happen. I might be on splits with the ZL's till next transfer…I don't know.  President said, “Till Elder Furner heals.”  So, we'll see what happens tomorrow.

Thoughts for the day:
Knowledge is something you know.
Wisdom is something you know from experience.
Power is turning experience into action.

Oh, the ocean baptism was a baptism for the sister missionaries in San Jose. We didn't have anything to do with it but the investigator requested Elder O. to baptize her, that's why.  :)  I had absolutely nothing to do with it but it was fun. ^_^

Btw, Mom, who is John Lloyd Cruz?  Some people say I look like him.  An old Nanay (mother, woman) said to me, “Elder John Lloyd Cruz!  Kamusta!!!!”  Hahaha!  Send me a pic of him, ok?

Love you all, bye!!!

Doing you Proud,
Elder Froude ^_^
                                                              More pictures of Mindoro

This is how we look like when it floods
Cute little kitten!  I guess I'm not allergic anymore.

So, this is that Filipino actor dude that they say looks like Ian.
What do you guys think?

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