Monday, June 11, 2012

June 10, 2012 - Nandito ako! (I am here!)

This has been the hardest week for me on the mission so far.  I've been through illness, traveling,  getting into a new area, a new companion, having to pack, and deal with airport security.  Ohhh, everything has just been so stressful I felt like I was going to explode for a while!  All I wanted was a little sleep!  Okay, now time to back up and go to Wednesday afternoon.

Wednesday after emailing you, it finally sunk in that I was going to Mindoro Island and Mindoro Zone that Friday. Everyone has said the mission president only sends the best of the best there. The best teachers, the best leaders, the best speakers, the best that work with people….all because it's an island off the mainland and we have very fragile branches on this island and we need to take care of them properly and establish the church correctly here, otherwise, it will all fall apart.  We can't afford to mess up.  Anyway, I was still too sick to get up and go around and pack everything so my very kind and awesome housemates, Elder Barrow and Elder Hilbert, helped me get all my stuff and pack it while I was in the corner throwing up in a bucket but nothing coming out.  Anyway, then came Thursday.

Sadly, because I was sick I could not say goodbye to the families I came to love in Pasig, like you're supposed to do.  So, I was really sad when I went over to transfer meeting.  During the cab ride, I didn't know if I could make it there without needing to use the bathroom, much less make it through the entire meeting okay.  But I did, somehow my head didn't hurt too much and I slowly made it to the transfer meeting.  There, I saw my old batch mates from the MTC, Elder Wilde and Elder McCoy!  They were looking great and like experienced missionaries now.  I talked with them for a bit.  At the transfer announcement I met the people who would be coming with me to Mindoro.  I then found out that after the meeting, we were supposed to work with Quezon City Zone for the rest of the day, around like 1-8pm so that we don't waste the day.  Our plane leaves at 5:20 am the next day.  I just went with the elders, told them I couldn't work and I took a nap for an hour.  Then got some food in me, felt great then I went right to work.  Apparently, all I needed was a little bit of food (chocolate and Sky Flakes and Milo). The first real thing I ate since getting sick was 2 pieces of Bbq sticks and rice later that night.  But by 8pm (I don't know how I lasted this long walking) I met up with the rest of the people going to Mindoro at the mission office and we went on our way to the mission home.

The car ride on the way to the mission home was a party!  Haha! Everyone was having fun and laughing. I had a good time catching up with some people (there was traffic so it took a while to get to the mission home).  At the mission home we found out we were only allowed 20 kilos to take with us to Mindoro, otherwise, it's super expensive.  So I re-packed everything up and by midnight was able to shower with warm water for the last time and slept for 3 hours before going to the airport to fly to Mindoro.  When we got to the airport I was so tired and so hungry.  I was carrying so much stuff it was so heavy to me because my body was so weak and I was still sick.

Flight to Mindoro

By 6:00am, we reached Mindoro and were greeted by President and Sister Whiting, who are couple missionaries, our zone leader, and my companion, Elder Olvido, a Cebuano who's been out about a year. He's a nice guy and a great teacher so I'm glad I'm with him.  They then took us to our houses.  The airport is in my new area, which is by the beach and it is beautiful.  When we got to the apartment, I saw my room had a view of the beach and I went to take a nap for a few hours.  I was so tired.

City of San Jose, Mindoro

Part of my area

San Jose 1 Branch meeting house


This is my part of my area.  

We went to work later that day; my biggest issue was that I was so tired and so weak.  The next day, Saturday, my problem was that I had to use the bathroom at every appointment.  At our last one, I asked to use the bathroom because I really needed to go.  I don’t know but I might have had a stomach virus or something, but I went (the CR/restroom was outside in the backyard) and sat down and looked around and realized, Oh No!!!  None of the buckets have water!   After calling for help for a little bit, I decided to just use my handkerchief and throw it away.  I went back in the house and asked for water to flush the toilet bowl with and the lady of the house screamed and said, “I didn't give you water, did I?” And I said, “It’s okay… it's too late now.”  Haha!!!  There's my embarrassing story of the week.  I think I'm better now, though, so don't worry.  Right now I'm about at 90%.

Anyway, long story short, things were so stressful for me the past few days being sick and having to fly and travel and such but you know, I think everything will be fine now.  My companion's a great teacher and so even though I don't know the people, too sick to concentrate, he gladly made up for it by teaching most parts of the lessons.  But I’m ready to bounce back and get back with it!!!  

Thoughts I had this week…
I don't miss Facebook, I really don't.  Best Facebook rehab ever!  I also don't miss TV.
I do, however, miss music and movies.  Haha! I constantly talk about it.

Well, that's all for this week.  I’ll have more pictures next week!  Till then, enjoy some of the pictures that I took.  Okay, I think I'm tapos na (done).   I'll be going and getting on with the rest of my p-day. Love you all… bye!!!  Thank you so much for your prayers, they've given me so much strength these past few days.  Love you!!!!

Doing you Proud,
Elder Froude ^_^

I never found out how I got sick, just that I did. 

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