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February 22, 2013 - Breaking News!

Dear Mom, Dad, Ryan, and those who just love life!

                Well, first off, I’d like to give a special Shout-Out to Mariah Kerr for getting her mission call!  She has been called to serve in the Philippines San Pablo Mission, which is literally right next to mine and I am super “Proud” of her and her desire to serve.  I know that she and her family will be extremely blessed from her service.  ^_^  Mabuhay mula sa Philippines, Sister Kerr!!!  (Welcome, from the Philippines, Sister Kerr!)
                Breaking News… President and Sister DeLaMare, who will have finished they’re 3-year term this July 1st, have announced the names of the new Mission President and his wife: Carlos and Marites Revillo.  The Revillos have lived in the Philippines, the US, and are currently in Singapore.  He is the head of Quality and Regulatory Compliance for the Kellogg Company.  This is great exciting news and I am sure that Brother and Sister Revillo will be instruments in helping this mission go to the next level.  ^_^

                More Breaking News!  We'll have 58 new missions opening around the world on July 1st and 4 new missions in the Philippines!  The missions that are being split are the Baguio Mission, being split into the Urdaneta Mission up north.  The Manila Mission will be split to become the Cavite Mission (so the southern part of Manila Mission is split off).  The Naga Mission will split and the Legaspi Mission will be created.  The Cebu Mission will be split to create the new Cebu East Mission.  In other news, of the 58 new missions around the world, California will gain 3 new missions and Brazil and Mexico respectively will both gain 8 new missions.  The work is truly hastening and the Lord is guiding us through it all.  This is evident in the new missionary programs that have been released.  About 3 years ago, the 8 fundamental lessons were introduced to make missionaries more Spirit driven teachers; then the 12-week training program to give new missionaries more opportunity to lead and teach after the MTC.  And then, the time at the MTC had been cut for all languages by a 1/3rd to accommodate the increase of missionaries from the dropping of the age of eligible missionaries.  This work is truly amazing and I’m so glad to be right the middle of it all!  I’m also excited to see my friends and even my brother join the Work that has brought my family and I so much joy.  This work is moving; the work is changing lives, and as we see more people accept the Gospel, we’ll see great improvements and changes in nations and all around the world.
                As for me, I do not have much to report but that we’re running around like crazy to keep up with all of the changes…haha!  I love it!  And transfer week is coming up!!!  We are losing 11 and gaining 15 so the total increase in our mission will be 4, bringing us from 172 missionaries to 176.  Our sisters are still not increasing as much as we thought it would, but they’ll be coming soon, I can feel it.  ^_^  I just need to take the time to “be still” more often and just take things one at a time and I’ll be good.  I am not transferring this transfer which will make 6 months in the office if I transfer next transfer…we’ll see what happens.

              Other than that, I wish you all a great week and I invite you to pause when you are stressed and let the Holy Spirit guide… for we are not required to run more than we have strength.   Okay, I have to go now, it's been a while and there is still much to do.  I love you and I thank you for having perfect attendance in e-mailing me.  ^_^  It means so much to me!  I love you!  Have a great week, okay?  ^_^

Doing you Proud,

Elder Froude ^_^


Oh btw, I successfully defeated the virus that infected all of my USBs and my Camera and everything is okay!!!!  I have a lot of pictures now!  

Getting my surprise Valentine's package!  BEST DAY EVER!
Want some Buko (coconut) shake?  Yummy!
Choose The Right
Made some no-bake peanut butter cookies.  Yum!
Self explanatory
My friend, Mariah's great news!

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