Friday, March 22, 2013

March 15, 2013 - Glad that's over!

Dear Mom, Dad, Ryan, and everyone who has been rained on the one day you didn’t have an umbrella,

This week was extremely stressful and busy not because of the magnitude and frequency of changing events but because of one HUGE and headache inducing assignment as a finance secretary… AUDITING!!!  I had no idea what that meant until this week and now it has forever been imprinted in my brain as a time that requires much patience and diligence. For those of you who, like me until a week ago, have always heard of auditing and never really known what it was, it is when all of your records are checked and your computer systems are inspected to make sure your company (or in this case, mission office) is doing things legally and your records are kept correctly. This means I’ve had to pull out certain designated records from 2012, to be checked by officials from the Area Office.  It was a 3-day process to have everything audited with me and President DeLaMare but we eventually passed with flying colors and some of our procedures and websites that we use will be suggested to the other missions in the Philippines to make things easier for them.  Like prepaid vs. postpaid load.  Anyway, it’s too long to explain I’ll talk about it another time.

But auditing went by well. It was just 3 days of anxiety, which ended up being as useful to me as being anxious for the driver’s test when I was 16. Lesson learned: Don’t stress out about things you can’t control. It will make life so much easier and happier.  But through it all I learned many great lessons. I learned the importance of keeping good records and making them easy to find. *Note: Everything I did was easy to find… it was the previous finance secretaries’ files that made it difficult because I never considered that I needed to know where their files are.  Okay, I am making it sound a lot worse than it actually was.  I just didn’t know what to expect and I would freak out if I was a receipt short or didn’t have a certain voucher.  It was just super tedious, was all.  And I spent all night for 3 nights organizing papers and reports.  (Side note: the person who was auditing me, Sister Venus, saw my picture of Laney and commented on how cute she is.)
My very cute niece, Laney!
Then on Thursday, we had our zone conferences, which was fun.  It had a lot of good workshops and I was taught a lot of things and I met a lot of new people.  My zone, the Quezon City South Zone has all trainees in every companionship except for the Zone leaders.  So it was nice to see how they’ve been progressing. I met a new sister that apparently went to BYU the same time I did.  Found out that we have seen each other at the dances and have a few mutual friends.  Haha!  It’s such a small world…

With Sis. Wilson
That was basically all that had happened this week. We only had one lesson and it was at a family home evening.  Well, tomorrow is stake conference/area broadcast so this is where the first round of Melchizedek Priesthood holders will be sustained and ordained so we’ll see how we’ve been doing on that. This will be the evaluation part where we’ll be seeing how many we’ve gotten and how much more we need to get to our 200 Melchizedek priesthood goal.
Well, other than that, last fast Sunday I fasted for a mountain to climb like President Eyring talked about in one of his talks. I thought it was quite noble to ask for a trial and to grow stronger from it. Like the Lyrics from a song “Mountains to Climb…”
I know that it won’t be easy,
But it’s making me strong so give me,
Mountains to climb, give me
Rivers to cross, give me
Something that’s going to make me
Better than I was, give me
Mountains to climb, cause I know
That it’s taking me higher than I’ve ever been before.

Well, this week was quite a mountain for me and now that the dust has settled, I can look back from where I am and see that I am much higher and much stronger than when I started.  I thank the Lord that he has given me the strength to overcome these things.

Spiritual Thought:
^_^ Just smile and do all things cheerfully that lie within our power!  D&C 123:17

I hope you all have a wonderful week and that you may know that it is through hardship that we get stronger and grow in our faith.  Have a goodnight!  I love you!!!  Have fun at the party and you better send me pictures!  Until next week…

Doing You Proude,
Elder Froude ^_^

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