Friday, March 22, 2013

March 8, 2013 - Big News!

Big News! So the Missionary Department sent out an announcement regarding email policy. Before, missionaries were only allowed to email immediate family and for only a certain amount of time as designated by their mission president (for me, 1 hour).  Now, missionaries are allowed to email friends and extended family outside of mission boundaries (and for my mission, for 2 hours). This means I’ll be able to email and reply to anyone who sends me emails now. The best part is that you won’t have to wait 2-6 weeks for my reply to your email by letter. I would like to personally thank my devoted friends and family who have already been writing me letters and spending money on postage. I appreciate how thoughtful you are in setting aside time in your busy schedules to write and send me a letter. Now I am not saying that you are supposed to only send me emails from now on (because I personally like a handwritten letter ^_^) but if it does make things more convenient for you to send emails instead, then by all means, do so and I will make sure to reply. The Work is hastening forward and I believe that this change was made so that missionaries will have a more convenient way to help inspire more of our youth to go on missions as well. We are now exceeding 60,000 missionaries currently in the field and continuing to grow.

As for my week, nothing too interesting happened aside from that. We were able to teach a good amount this week and I miss it quite a lot. I hope I’ll be able to get out to the field after this transfer but whether I do or do not, I will serve the Lord nonetheless. I’ve actually gained quite a strong testimony on the necessity of Revelation. Looking at the transfer board and seeing where people are, I am just curious as to why people are sent to certain areas with certain companions. Looking from the outside it may seem as if no logic or purpose is behind who gets transferred where and at what time or why some pasaway (disobedient) missionaries stay in leadership positions. I’ve come to realize that the Love of the Lord truly is infinite. The Lord is full of second chances, even if you mess up and everyone else knows you mess up, the Lord tends to keep people in those places so they have a chance to make it right. Like it’s Him saying, “Okay, you messed up but I’ll give you another chance.” For the most part it works out.  Every time I’ve felt that my areas were the perfect place for me to develop myself; every time I stay in an area or transfer is because there is something I’m supposed to learn there or something I’m supposed to do there.  I've also just come to trust the Lord when he says “No” to something that makes sense or “Yes” to something that makes no sense. Because I know He sees more than I do. You just need to have the faith enough to trust the Lords timing. I remember watching about Zion's camp and how they were told to turn back though they had not redeemed Zion. Joseph Smith said something like, "The Lord will redeem Zion in His time, not our time, and certainly, not my time." That was a humbling experience for me.

 My companion is a great cook!  On Fast Sunday for dinner, we cooked Chicken Afritada for the DeLaMare’s and it was delicious!  Elder Peralta also made my favorite dessert, Mango Float!  Good fast Sunday dinner.  ^_^

Making Chicken Afritada fro dinner

Almost done!
My companion making my favorite mango shake!
Sister DeLaMare and son, Ben
In other awesomeness, I had the wonderful opportunity to give a blessing to a Missionary couple in the hospital. Elder Staton was in bed looking quite sick and asleep on the bed. We greeted Sister Staton and proceeded with giving him a Priesthood blessing. Nothing special or miraculous happened;  no jumping out of the bed and dancing around.  No, nothing but a humble blessing by an authority of God.  It was not until 2 days later did I again see Elder and Sister Staton. When they walked into the office you could hear Elder Staton coming from down the hall and everything.  I came from behind the desk and said, “Well, aren’t you looking pretty lively today?”  He replies, “A lot livelier than when you saw me the other day, that’s for sure!” And we both laughed.  He seemed 100% back to normal as if nothing had happened.  His wife then told me that they found out he had E. Coli and his blood levels were getting dangerously high that day.   Then he said, “The doctors told me that they can’t explain why but my levels were suddenly dropping to normal around the late afternoon.  I told them, I know why, cause those Elders came in and gave me a blessing!”  Now he’s about as lively as ever and is continuing his ministry here in the Philippines with no problems. ^_^ Just another builder to my testimony on the Power of the Priesthood.

That was my spiritual thought of the week. I hope you all have a wonderful week and exercising faith enough to see miracles happen in your lives. I promise you’ll see them!

Thank you both for staying up with me. I know you have a thousand things to do and think about so I appreciate it. Tell Tita Tina I said Hi! I love you all! We'll be leaving to prepare for the rest of the week. Till next week then, I wish you all well!

Doing you Proude,
Elder Froude ^_^

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