Saturday, October 12, 2013

October 10, 2013 – Life as an AP

Dear Mom, Dad, Ryan, Lauren and everyone who loved General Conference, or still doesn’t know what that means,

It’s been another busy week in the office; many good things have happened and many workshops have been taught. In short, I am doing quite well and I’m glad that my brother is enjoying the DR!

This week has just been one workshop after another. For the last 3 days ,we’ve been doing zone interviews in Marikina, Sumulong, Quezon City South, and Taytay. Each day, we start off with opening remarks and hymns and then we have the district and zone leaders give a workshop for about 2 hours. Meanwhile, Elder Pedrola, Sister Revillo (mission president’s wife), and I have been driving around and checking all of the apartments to make sure that they are clean and that they have no contraband items. In one apartment, we confiscated about 3 giant machetes, pocket knives and such, and samurai swords. I feel like the police! It also means that in that time span, we had to brave the roads of Metro Manila and try not to get hit or hit anything or anybody. Anyway, we are alive and well and have checked many apartments and phones these last few days. After that, we go back to the chapel and teach our workshop about the baptismal invitation and the reasons why it is good to invite investigators early to be baptized. It’s a really fun workshop actually. We have them role-play with each other and they gain much revelation for their investigators. So, the meetings are scheduled to end at 4pm but don’t get done until like 7. Then we drop off President at the mission home around 8:00-8:30 and then we just go home and sleep. Sometimes, we don’t even eat dinner because we’re so tired or too full on pan-de-sal (Filipino bread rolls) and trail mix. Haha! Last night, I forgot the house keys so we didn’t get into our house until like 10:00pm. Sigh… but it’s all good.
Traffic in Marikina
Friday was fun; we had the trainer-trainee meeting today and a lot of it was on stress management. We were kind of unprepared so we chumba-chumba’ed (just winged) our way through it but it worked out in the end. This new booklet, “Adjusting to Missionary Life,” was very inspired, I believe. The suggestions they have in there to cope with certain stresses is very helpful. Especially for me cause I have had problems falling asleep since I came to the office. So, I looked up things on that and they have been very helpful so now I’m nice and relaxed when I go to bed. Not that I’m developing insomnia or anything but that my mind is on so many things that it takes longer for me to sleep, unless I’m dead exhausted. Haha!
Trainer-trainee workshop
Sis. Wilson (right) with her trainee, Sis. Sims
On the good note for this week, we’ve been working in our area and Elder Pedrola felt on our 2nd appointment with this family (Esterez family) to commit them to baptism and they said yes! All 4 of them! Ahh!!! Their baptism is on December 13th, right before I go home, so I hope we’ll be able to help them come to church enough to get baptized. ^_^

Let me tell you a little bit about my companion, Elder Pedrola. He is a great Preach My Gospel missionary. He is Filipino and his first language is Waray but he is really good at Tagalog and quite good at English too even though medyo mahiya siya sa English (he’s a little bit shy in speaking English). Pero ayos lang….masipag naman siya at humble pa. (But he’s fine…he’s conscientious and humble.) He's probably one of the most hardworking missionaries I’ve had the pleasure to work with. He has many great ideas and we switch in our teaching quite well…like there is a great unity in our teaching from the beginning. He's a great guy! We are good friends and we’re both doing well.

I'll tell you about general conference next week, okay? We finally get to watch it tomorrow. Goodnight!!! Thanks for all of your support!  I wish you the best…you are in my prayers. I love you!

Doing you Proud,
Elder Froude ^_^

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