Monday, May 7, 2012

May 6, 2012 - Re: Happy Full Moon!

Yeah! I did see my face up in the sky last night! Haha!  Wow, time went by fast. Last time I saw the moon it was only half full. Lol!  I'm doing great…things with Elder Barrow are going great!  We're really working well together and getting a lot of success. I’ll put more detail in the long email.

I still have more to work on with the Tagalog, obviously, but I've found out what I can do now.

I can understand people who talk about the Gospel, or gospel related thing.
I can't understand things spoken of that's off topic.
I can't understand Tagalog when I don't have the Spirit.
With the Spirit, I can't comprehend every word, but I can feel the meaning behind all of their words.  

I can speak small talk, in getting to know people, reacting to statements, expressions… haha!
I can teach great lessons with the Spirit on everything I've studied.
I can give spiritual thoughts and share specific experiences about the topic in Tagalog.
Sometimes I speak Tagalog like I've known it all of my life without realizing it.
If I speak Taglish, I can teach most everything I need to about the gospel.

I need to do more formal language study more often. Haha!

I talked to brother Ormond about Mother's Day and he says we can use the Skype on his computer. We're trying to get around 10 or 11 am on Monday here. So, we just have to wait for his reply to see if it's okay  ^_^

Re:  Skyping

Brother Ormond just replied and said that 10am Monday works fine for him so it's settled, pero Elder Barrow needs to go first cause his family is in North Carolina or something. So, I'll go after him….10:30 or 10:40 here.

There's one thing I wanted to tell you...
I kinda lost my camera during transfer day in the mission office building. I remember I took it inside, then I got mail and went to the meeting, and at the end of the meeting it wasn't in my bag anymore. Worst case scenario, a missionary accidentally grabbed it thinking it was theirs and I’ll get it back in a few weeks.  I already told all of the senior couples so they are all out looking for it...

I sent you the long email…I think you'll really enjoy it.
I've been doing really well.  The mission has been so busy for me lately I haven't had time to think too much about home, which is good. I haven't even had enough time to reply to the many letters my friends have sent me yet . >.< 

Ryan looks like he’s taller than Dad now.  Is he?  Lucky!  He's still growing and I stopped in sophomore year.  Haha! I keep praying I'll grow taller on my mission, but the Lord just made everyone shorter than me!  Haha!!!  Oh, Filipinos!  Lol!

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