Monday, May 28, 2012

May 28, 2012 - The Fruits of Our Labor

This week has been an amazing week so far, filled with hard work and miracles as the result of Faith and Works.  Now that I think about it, it doesn't seem that long since I last wrote.  Maybe it's because my last P-day was on a Tuesday and it's Monday again haha!  So then, let me start the string of events from Thursday on, because this is where it all started.

Thursday, 5/24/12

Today was truly a gift given to Elder Barrow and I from our Heavenly Father who is the Lord of this vineyard.  I can testify that He has a hand and a plan in all the work we do here as missionaries because from this day we had seen many miracles as if the events that had come to pass were guided personally by the hand of the Lord.  It only furthers my testimony of the work I do here.

My new mattress came in last night and I had the best night’s sleep I've had in weeks!  I just felt good all day!  I knew from the moment I woke up that this was going to be a good day :)  The first appointment we had was a lunch with the Estandarte Family.  As we talked about this week's work with them we mentioned a referred part-member family nearby.  Sister Estandarte immediately volunteered to come with us to fellowship the family and help bring them back to church.  Oh, I forgot to mention that Sister Estandarte is less-active.  Yes…a fellowshipper that is less-active!!!  Haha!  For some of our investigators their church fellowshippers are less-actives because we ask them for the referrals. Anyway, we’ve met the Pineda family last week and the wife is receptive but the husband works so we can't get a hold of him yet.  I think I’m going to take the advice of Brother Harlee, "When I used to teach people, I would always talk to the father first, or always try to build a friendship with him.  Because if the husband is converted, the whole family comes to church."  I think there is a lot of truth to that statement.  Sadly, the time we go to proselyte and the time when fathers get home make it difficult for us to teach them.

Anyway, so Sister Estandarte and her husband are coming with us next week to visit Sister Pineda.  We also mentioned a referral we received from the mission office that lives in an area close by.  Brother Estandarte looks at the address and says, "Oh, I know that street!  Here, we have time… we’ll take you there.”   Elder Barrow and I were like umm... OKAY!  Apparently, what they meant was that we'll be driving there.  O.o  I haven't been in a car that’s not a taxi since I left the mission office.  I was actually in an air conditioned car!  I felt so blessed.  He took us to the address and wanted to help us fellowship the family.  So, we were like okay!  They came in with us but the man that was referred wasn’t there.  Sister Maricar was, though, and she was the one who referred him.  She started talking about her husband  and in the middle of it Bro. Estandarte says,  “Wait... are you talking about Jack?!?”  And she said, “Yes that's his first name, why?”  He smiled and said, “I know him! He and I used to work on a project together and both of our kids go to the same school!  Haha!  Yes, I do know Jack quite well." (roughly translated from Tagalog to English) So apparently they both know each other really well, so Brother Estandarte and his wife said that whenever we teach him that they must come along. Elder Barrow and I looked at each other smiling and said "Of course!"  Truly a blessing to have this referral already know a very wonderful member of the ward.  It will be a lot easier to teach him with that familiarity with a man such as Brother Estandarte.

Things like this don't normally happen.  To have this couple suddenly change their plans to take us out to teach and find a referral and then happen to know them is no accident, let me tell you. This event could not have been ordered more perfectly.  ^_^  I Love this Gospel and I Love the Lord!  Okay, now to the baptisms on Saturday…

Saturday, 5/26/12

First off, from the pictures I just posted you can see that Elder Barrow and I had to bucket out the water from the baptismal font because the drain was broken so we spent a good amount of time bucketing out about 10 inches of water.  Oh no!  I’m running out of emailing time!

Okay, so Sister Gomez and Brother Pallisigue (both part-member families) have now become completed families by their decision to be baptized and their desires to repent.  It was a great and touching event. Brother Pallisigue texted us at 7 pm (the start of the baptism service) and said that he was stuck in so much traffic and he would be late.  We said we would proceed with the service and baptism of Sister Gomez and then wait for him.  So after much anxiety, talks were given and at the beginning of Sister Gomez entering into the water, Brother Pallisigue walks in.  He was 45 minutes late.  We got him dressed and ready for his baptism right after they finished baptizing Sister Gomez.   15 minutes later, Brother Pallisigue was baptized.  At the end, the new converts gave their testimonies.  When he went to bear his testimony he cried because he thought he was going to miss his chance to get baptized and cleansed of his sins, but he said he prayed and the Lord prepared a way for him to make it just on time.    I couldn't understand all of what he said but I did understand that through his faith, he was able to arrive precisely at a silver screen moment.  Haha!  Oh gosh, that was dramatic!

Bro. Starr Gomez baptized his wife, Sis. Mae Rose Gomez

Bro. Israel Pallisigue

Bro. Pallisigue, family, and friends who came to support him.

Oh and Mom, I love this area so much. The ward here is great!  I feel like I'm part of their family now haha!  I feel like I'm now getting to know everyone and they have all been willing to help us find the less actives and investigators and such.  We feel as if now that this transfer is over, we now know each person and we're now in the position to start bringing people back and getting a lot of investigators baptized as well.  Like all of our planning and work has been leading up to the next transfer, which is June 7th (so next week’s P-day is Wednesday).  I really hope that I don't transfer yet.  I feel like I might, though.  Elder Barrow says whenever he feels like he might, he doesn't.  Haha!  But anything can happen.  I just feel like I understand things now.  And I know the people.  We can do so much good here in the coming weeks.  I hope I'll still be here to witness it, though.

Anyway, that is all the time I have.  I need to go shopping now cause I have no food and I need a new camera!  I Love you and miss you all! Thank you for all of your support.  I wish to declare to everyone that I miss my mom's cooking and that tuna sandwiches do not give a man the energy or the love he needs to do all that he needs to.  Haha!  Only with the Lord's help I have been able to manage.  Thanks for all of the emails and letters and prayers.  I’ll do my best for you all!

Doing you Proud,
Elder Froude ^_^

Btw Mom, I've been blessed so much here, I want to thank the Lord by being obedient.  I think I should follow what the Mission President says and deactivate my Facebook.  I want to show the Lord I'm willing to Obey.  It's fine…I have a blog. Everyone knows about it :) 

The baptismal font's drain was broken so we had to scoop about 10 inches of remaining water out.

All in a day's work around here...

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