Wednesday, May 15, 2013

May 14, 2013 - Congratulations to my brother, Ryan!

Dear Mom, Dad, and the newly called Elder Ryan Froude!

I'm doing well.  I'm really happy right now.  I am a really happy Elder right now!  My family is doing great; my niece looks well and healthy; my brother got his mission call earlier today to the Dominican Republic Santo Domingo East mission!  I think it's great. I honestly never had Dominican Republic cross my mind as a place Ryan would serve, but I’m glad that he'll be going there because it's a call from the Lord. It will be a great mission for him.  He’ll do great!  I'm glad there is a temple there close to him.  It'll be a great help for him.  

I imagine it will be a lot like the Philippines, hot, and focusing on priesthood and establishing the church.  Being in the temple today, I had realized that I will be missing my brother by 3 months so when I go home in December he won't be there to greet me.  And I won't be there to see him go to the Missionary Training Center.  I wished I could spend a few days with him before he goes.  Then the Lord gave me this overwhelming peace that came from knowing that the Lord and his mission can do more for Ryan than I ever can.  But that doesn't mean I still can't send him my love and my help for him.  Sure I'll be sad I won't see him, but the Lord will be watching him for me.  I would rather he be serving the Lord and learning about his Gospel than anything else really.  More than anything, I'm proud to serve alongside him in September even though we'll be in different parts of the world.  Prepare well, Brody (corduroy)!!!

Things in the Philippines have been crazy since election month started.  The actual voting ended yesterday but the result was much traffic and posters and fliers basically everywhere.  It was fun though to walk down the street and hear a truck drive by playing a Filipino remix of "Don't Stop Believing” with the mayor's name repeated over and over again.  And by fun, I mean, the first 2 times I heard it, then it got annoying.   Haha!!!  But it's okay.

I had a great time at the temple like I said earlier and I feel refreshed with my batteries charged and I'm ready to go out and work.

The Mother's day call was great even though it was kind of loud in the computer shop.  But it's okay.  It was a fun hangout session and everyone looks well and healthy and for that I am grateful.  My Tagalog is getting loads better but my accent is still a dead giveaway daw (they say).  People keep asking where I’m from because I speak "slang."  Haha!  I just don't sound like the natives yet.  I'll have Elder Lim help me with the accent.  Anyway, life is good.  I just spent the last 20 minutes trying to delete all of the viruses I got on my USB and camera memory card so I’m a little bit stressed at the moment, but don't worry, all the files are still alive!  Yes!  Anyway, it's been a good Pday.  Temple, Bannaple, I got new white shirts, and now I’m going to end the day with laundry and teaching Jeff about the Word of Wisdom.  He's so close to Baptism.  June 1st!  Start counting down the days!

I love you all and congratulations, Ryan!!!

Doing you Proud,
Elder Froude ^_^

P.S. my P-day is on Tuesday next week too because of transfer announcements.  We'll see if I transfer or not.  It's been so fast!  Time has just flown right by!  Anyway, I'll email again next week same time!

Mother's Day call
My little brother's mission call to The Dominican Republic Santo Domingo East Mission!!!

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