Tuesday, July 2, 2013

July 2, 2013 - Transferring again!

It's been an interesting week so far.

We've been in a tripanionship (Elder Vuna, Elder Basalo and I) most of this week since Elder Petersen finished his mission and it's been fun. We've been getting punted in both areas but we've been having fun doing it. I think we've had a super exhausting week because every day we just wake up tired and things start slowly and such but we've been able to accomplish much even if the numbers seem low. I think we've had a dinner appointment every day this week.  As far as investigators and less actives are going, there is not much progression. The closest to baptism is Sister Beth Javier (the one that made the lumpia), but she is having trouble deciding to get baptized because her parents are of a different religion.  But she comes to church every week and reads her scriptures. I hope she'll be able to find her answer and find her testimony of the church soon.

Yeah, anyway, I just taught someone the other day who got 5000 US dollars from an American one time which is almost half a million pesos. And they blew it all in one month! I looked at their house and it was a bamboo house which was super cluttered and there was no evidence of their former wealth. So it really woke me up like... are you serious? They didn't get a nicer house, they didn't get a nicer job or a TV or a car or anything, and now they are back to what they used to do before, living pay check by pay check.  And it freaked me out that that could happen! So definitely, money is not just the solution to poverty. That was an interesting experience.

I had the privilege of baptizing Macoy Apolisok this week! He is a 10 year old in a part-member family and Elder Vuna and Elder Petersen have been teaching him for the last few weeks. I had the opportunity to teach him a few times too on exchanges. Since Elder Petersen has gone home Elder Vuna was going to baptize him, but he didn't have any baptismal pants so we went to the Philippines Distribution Center but they didn't have any in his size. So he texted another elder in the other zone to borrow pants but he forgot to bring it. So then, I offered to have him use my pants but it didn't fit, obviously, and then he asked me if I ever used them. I said I haven't had the opportunity to baptize someone in the water, but I’ve taught many converts to baptism. So then he asked me if I wanted to have the chance to baptize Macoy (who also consented) and I was able to baptize him on June 28, 2013. ^_^

My Spiritual Thought comes from the World Wide Training I was finally able to watch 2 days ago. From what Pres. Thomas S. Monson says, “If you are on the Lord's errand, you are entitled to his help!” So, I know that if I do my best, I cannot fail.

Wish me luck in my next assignment (zone leader) in Rizal province!

Doing you Proude,
Elder Froude ^_^

PS. Sorry, I kinda rushed this letter!

Sis. Juanita Garcia, a 96 yr. old member of the church

Classic Filipino dining room decor!

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  1. Hurray for Julien! I'm so happy that he finally got to baptize someone! What an honor!