Wednesday, September 11, 2013

September 1, 2013 – More baptisms!

Dear Mom, Dad, and Ryan,

                And it came to pass that this week was amazing in many ways and difficult in other ways but mostly amazing.  ^_^  Highlights of this week: Brother Mark John Langres got baptized! He’s an 8 year old child of a recent convert and we’ve been teaching him and his older brothers about the church and the branch president said that he could get baptized since he’s 8.  He doesn’t have to go through the whole process that our other investigators have to go through. But he asked me if I would baptize him. So I did!  In other news, Sister Merci got baptized the same day too!  The one in the wheelchair.  It took two elders to baptize her but boy was it a great experience!  It was like the super bowl seeing Elder Alvarez and Elder Robertson tag team to baptize her.  Greatness all around!

               Other than that there have been new golden investigators found this week.  Brother Salvador Luna is a neighbor of Sister Diday Heve and she referred him to us.  Actually, he came to church last weekend with Tatay Ernesto and the rest of the Heve family but we just now started teaching them regularly.
                I learned a great deal this week about the power of charity. When I was on exchanges in our newest branch, “Sampaloc,” we had scheduled to meet with an investigator who is medyo matigas ang ulo daw (supposedly a little stubborn).  His name is Brother Dante and he is willing to listen to the missionaries but not to keep any of the commitments.  So, we decided to study up on some of his concerns based off of scriptures in the Bible.  So, we went over to his house and  when we got there we started our BRT (building relationships through trust).   It usually involves getting to know them, telling good jokes, and trying to find ways to relate to people.  It was really fun and then we started teaching about Baptism and The Gift of the Holy Ghost. While we were teaching, I felt a sincere Christ-like love for the man as he opened up to us about how he used to belong to a different religion and is trying to find the truth.  He believes that what we are saying is true but he’s just not sure yet.  We switched the lesson completely around and I started to bear my testimony of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon and how if one is to read it with faith in Christ, and then to pray to God with a sincere heart, the Lord will let him know whether or not it is true.  You could feel the Spirit very strongly and he said that he would do that.  I promised him many wonderful blessings if he would and you could feel his heart softening to our words.  At the end of the lesson Brother Dante told me, “You know Elder, you’re a good guy.”  And that really just made my day.
                But just so you know that the mission isn’t all sunshine and daisies, I’ve been out of work all day yesterday due to a fever I suddenly got yesterday morning.  I may or may not have dengue; I’ll update you on what happens but I suddenly got a massive fever at church yesterday so I took 2 ibuprofen; the one you sent me in a package.  And then I started to develop a rash.  So, I think I actually just might be allergic to that kind of ibuprofen cause I stopped taking it and my rash is gone now.  I’ve just been resting the last 24 hours and it’s kind of like slowly suffering, but I’m better at the moment.  I’m in an air-conditioned computer shop and it feels so good!
                Oh my goodness, I ate my very first barbecued chicken feet!  It was probably the strangest thing I’ve ever eaten in the Philippines.  It's like having fingers in your mouth, but by the 2nd one I figured out how to eat it properly.  It just took so much work for such little meat!  Also, I had the chance to eat dog this week.  Elder Alvarez brought some home but I decided not to eat it. I don't want to willfully eat dog. If a member cooks it and offers it to me, then yes, I’ll eat it but not by choice.

I'm doing okay here; my companion is really funny.  We have been getting along great and he's a hard worker. He wants to do what's right so I appreciate him for that. I treated all my kabahay (housemates) to pizza at Pizza Hut earlier cause I wanted to do something nice for them. Yes, I got your package and I love it haha!  I didn't know you were sending me shirts from Alaska! Haha!  I laughed when I saw the salmon can in the package!  I love the new EFY songs that you sent me. I really like the ukulele one and the track 13 where it sounds like it's from the 80’s and has nice guitar to it.

Thanks for staying up with me; I really appreciate it!  I love you guys and see you in 3 months!!!

Doing you Proud,
Elder Froude ^_^

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