Thursday, August 29, 2013

August 25, 2013 - Stormy days are here again!

Dear Mom, Dad, and Ryan,

            HELLO!!!!!!!  So this is what’s going on… I’m in a computer shop, this is the only computer which doesn’t have working internet, and no other computer is open.  So right now I am writing this letter with the hope that eventually a computer will open so I can send this email to you all.  Hopefully, soon.

            Anyway, this has been quite an interesting week.  On Tuesday, we were supposed to have a district meeting in Morong but our mission president sent a text that no missionaries are to leave their house because of the bagyo (storm) that came and the intense amount of flooding in Metro Manila. Well, for us here in Rizal Province, it didn’t look like too much of a problem so we asked if we could go out and still teach.  But we found out that the order came from the Area Presidency and that a missionary in Pasay got electrocuted so everyone was to stay indoors. Well, we did and it was a pretty dull day.  We just played games and talked the entire time, listened to music, and Elder Robertson and I just talked about Utah things for a few hours.  Haha! And naps, yes, we took naps and it felt good!  ^_^

            Other than the intense bagyo that happened, it rained really hard on Wednesday too until about 3:00 pm but we still got a few lessons in.  On Thursday, the APs (assistants to President Revillo) worked with us in our area so we took that opportunity to contact as many people as we could. We have a far area in Barangay San Guillermo so I used the opportunity to teach all of our investigators there with Elder Kmetszch cause we could use the car.  Haha! I miss driving… 

            Saturday, though, was interesting because my companion Elder Millora was sick that day so we stayed in the whole day while he slept.  Man, he’s been in and out of a sickness for a few days too. Getting a small fever here and a cough there but he’s doing better now.   We were able to get like 6 lessons in yesterday to make up for all the lost time.  So despite all of the storms, rain, and sickness, the week’s work was good.  We have a ton of people progressing and we had 10 investigators come to church yesterday!

            One of the highlights of this week was that yesterday I was able to confirm Jay-M and Rose Ann- Venadas.  It was a really good experience for me cause I felt the Spirit so strongly when I was confirming them even though it was in Tagalog and I was struggling a bit to say what I wanted to say.  It worked out well and I knew they understood what it meant.  It was the best I’ve felt in a while so I’m glad I had that opportunity. They were supposed to be confirmed 2 weeks ago but they always came late to church. On the bright side, their house is looking pretty good and is almost finished.  Don’t worry, I’ll send pictures. I’ve been waking up sore for a few days too.  Nothing that a good night sleep and ibuprofen can’t fix. Haha!

            On top of that we have a baptism this Saturday! Brother John Mark Langres (Langris?) has been one of the kids we’ve been teaching at a recent convert’s house.  He’s 8 years old so the Branch President approved his baptism.  His father is not a member so he asked me to baptize him instead!  This will be great because then his brothers, Mario and Jaymil and his father will see his baptism and get more excited for it!  His dad is our investigator too. Anyway, life is awesome! I love being a missionary!!!

            Smile it’s a good day : )

Doing you Proud,
Elder Froude ^_^

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