Tuesday, December 18, 2012

December 15, 2012 - Christmas season is here!

Dear Mom, Dad, Ryan, and all others who think that hotdogs and hotdog buns should stop being sold in 
packets of 8 and 12,

What is on my mind today, nothing much. In fact, life is just quite satisfying. The Christmas season is here and all of the hustle and bustle of Christmas time is slowly approaching us in the office. We have a lot of Zone conferences, Christmas conference, and much preparation that needs to be done. Sometimes, I feel that the in-field missionaries have it easier because all they need to do is work and not worry about these things. But I worry not, everything works out well. One thing I’ve learned on my mission and my time here in the office is that, “The Lord knows your timetable and he will provide for what you need, when you need it.”

Story time! It was around last week and I was finishing up fixing all of the rent checks for the mission, getting the tax forms signed and organizing them by zone. About the night before I needed to hand them out, I found out I was missing a check. 1 check was not where it was supposed to be and was missing. I started freaking out like it was nobody’s business. I was looking everywhere for it, moving papers, organizing my entire workplace and still no check to be found. It’s not a small check either…it’s 3 month’s rent. So I was freaking out and then I decided to pray. Afterwards, I felt an impression to forget about the check for now and go out and proselyte. So I followed the prompting. We went out to work and had a good time. Still no check though.  So the morning comes and we get back to the office and I say, “Okay, we have an hour to find this check before we go to the meeting. Where do I start?”  Sister Harris, one of the office couples, said to check some of the blue folders.  So I did so, one by one. And finally, with plenty of time to spare, I find the last check stuck to some papers. Kind of a predictable story line, huh? That’s okay…it’s the pattern of the Lord’s miracles. You have faith, you act on your faith and try to find an answer, then just when you think you can’t give anymore, or time’s running out, you give just a little bit more and that’s when the blessing come. It’s true!

I guess things have been cooling down this week. Not as busy as last week but it’s going; it’s going good.  Zone conferences started this week. This means I basically get to see everyone in the mission this month, except Mindoro.  Shoot, those are most of the people I want to see too! Haha! It’s all good though. I’m sending them a letter. Things get a little bit, well, down sometimes as a missionary. It happens to everyone. Everyone experiences a little bit of discouragement sometimes. Like last night, Elder Scanlan and I basically got punted by everyone we were supposed to teach last night. But you know, the best way to deal with these things is to just appreciate the little things in life. I can find great joy in the little things in life. Like, we were driving down the street and I saw some Christmas lights on the telephone poles all along the C-5.  It was nice ^_^.  I really do believe in the scripture D&C 123:17; “Lets us do all things cheerfully that lie within our power.”

Since I wrote the part up there things have quickly started to become crazy at the office once more. I love it! The Assistants and President are going to Mindoro this weekend so Thursday night they went to President’s house to sleep for a few hours before their flight leaves at 5 am. At 4 am we get a call telling us to pick up some sisters in the hospital. O.o  Say what?!  So we get up and get dressed and rush over to the hospital. Anyway, about 4:30 we get there and take the sisters home. It’s so early and we are all tired.  And we find out it was not them that had some medical problem but their housemate and her companion. Since Sister Delamare is out of the country for a wedding and President and the APs are in another island, Elder Scanlan and I had to take the lead in making sure these sisters are taken care of and everything is fine.  

Oh, best part about this week besides getting that package! On Thursday, I had the opportunity to attend a temple wedding and a temple sealing. ^_^  The Calayo family, a family in the Cubao Ward finally were able to go through the temple together. ^_^  It was a great experience and I’m glad I had to opportunity to see it and be invited to it. Don’t worry I have a lot of pictures! ^_^  The spirit was so strong and it’s definitely a great builder to my testimony that families are indeed forever through the ordinances of the temple. It was great!  The elders were smiling, the sisters were crying; it was an overall awesome experience!!! ^_^
And that was my week, I hope you are all doing great!

Doing you Proud,
Elder Froude ^_^
Thank you, Tita Jona and Tita Jackie for the gips!
With sister missionaries at the temple.
Waiting for the sealing...
The Daclan Family sealing with missionaries and friends.
Making sure a sister missionary is getting the treatment she needed.
Sign at the hospital.  Funny but true.

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