Thursday, April 18, 2013

April 15, 2013 – Another Chapter of my Mission Adventures!

Hi Everyone!

Sorry, it's so late for me getting this week’s letter out.  I've been running around with my new companion and a few zone mates at the mall trying to figure out where to get everything.  The worst thing is transportation!  I have to wait now to get to where I need to go and pay money!  I miss the truck T_T  Haha!!!  Anyway, transfering is so hard.  And by that I mean packing.  In my 6 months in the office I’ve collected a lot of stuff.  I think I am now sobra on shirts and I’ve put my giant bed cover in the attic of the mission home to collect later.  Don’t let me forget it.  Anyway, I had to leave a lot of things behind that I’ll have Elder Peralta send me at mail run.  Haha!  Anyway, other than that, people still text me about support even though I’m not in the office anymore. 

Anyway I'm doing great!  I'm loving the field!  I've transferred to Taguig City.  We've been out working really well and getting things done here.  I even got sunburned from being out in the sun too much on my first day, and I’m tanning pretty fast.  Haha!  So, that's what sun feels like!  Gosh, it's so hot here!  I'm glad our apartment is on the 3rd floor and is windy at night.  Anyway, I was really surprised to go to Taguig, of all places. To be honest, Taguig was probably, at least, in the bottom 3 of zones I wanted to transfer to because of the endless hours I’ve spent in traffic over there.  Haha!  But I’ve come to love the area; I feel like I am a lot more patient with people and with getting punted and schedules not working out since I came from the office.  Because really in comparison to what I had to do before, regular missionary problems feel like nothing to worry about.  I just shrug them off and move to the next thing I need to do, and taking time to appreciate the good things in the area.  Like how, when the sun starts going down, the people fly kites everywhere and it looks wonderful!  Or, when there is a nice breeze coming down the street.  I have definitely learned to appreciate things more and not worry so much on the bad things.

My companion is really good, Elder Lim; he’s from Cebu and he's a hard worker and wants to do much good for the area.  We communicate well and are both willing to do what it takes for the Lord.  I've come to love him and we've had some good times already.  It's still going to take me a while longer to get the area down, so I’ll do what I can with the knowledge that I have.  Public transportation is so hard to get used to again!  I know how to get places while having a car, but now taking trikes and jeepneys…it's killing me!  I don't know how to get to places that way anymore.  Haha!  I’ll just have to adjust then.  Oh, by the way, I am a District Leader here.

I can't believe how much I’ve missed being a missionary; talking to people and teaching people and meeting new people all of the time.  It’s so much fun!  My Tagalog is slowly coming back, thanks to Elder Peralta, and I feel like I’m still communicating well with the natives.

General conference was awesome as always, I really like President Monson's talk about obedience and his experience as a boy!  Haha!  But it's true that you learn so much from mistakes.  I feel like I’ve learned the most on my mission when I’ve made the biggest mistakes.  And it's totally true with the language too.  Anyway, the obedience is such a powerful thing as a missionary and is the difference between success and getting a full day of getting punted.  Haha!  I also enjoyed Enrique Falabela's talk, as well.  I'll bring my notes next week so I can share with you some of my impressions that I’ve gotten. But one really good one was from the Priesthood Session about Ministering by David L. Beck. "To minister means to love and care for others. It means to attend to their physical and spiritual needs. Put simply, it means to do what the Savior would do if He were here."  As a missionary I am called to minister unto these people in the Philippines.  As Christ’s representative, I need to show people his love for them by loving them.  It is the most fulfilling joy I have ever experienced, to minister unto others. 

Other than that I am so proud of my brother Ryan for being able to finish up his mission papers this week and I am waiting anxiously to hear that he'll be serving in a mission especially prepared for him. Ryan, don't let anything stop you from doing what's right, YOU GOT THAT?!?!  Haha!!!  I'm not worried about him.  He knows how to make the right choices and knows how to give more to the Lord. He'll be a great missionary and I’m excited to serve with him in the field.

Yes, I got President Thomas' letter… it was really nice.  Anton also wrote me. ^_^  I need to write him back.   Haha!   Have a great week!  I love you all!!!

Doing you Proud,
Elder Froude ^_^

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