Tuesday, April 30, 2013

April 22, 2013 - Summer's here!

Dear Mom, Dad, and Ryan,

It’s hot…really hot!  It’s so hot that the Filipinos here are complaining about how hot it is!  I got sunburned on my first day back to the field and got a really nice watch tan.  Haha!  I’ve gotten so dark and it’s only been like a week.  But the work is good.  I love being able to be out finding and teaching again.

I’m back to the cold bucket showers and washing my laundry by hand.  Yup, spending a lot of P-day washing clothes and other such things.  I was so spoiled in the office.  A labandera (washerwoman) and hot showers for 6 months has made me soft.  Haha!  It’s okay, I’m learning fast how to wash clothes again.  It’s about as annoying as I last remember it.  Haha!

My companion, Elder Lim, and I are doing great.  We’re like best friends cause we’re both pretty crazy. He knows how to sing all of the oldies songs that we use to listen to on road trips all of the time.  Listening to him sing is like listening to Dad’s iPod.  Haha!  He’s a lot of fun.  We sing all of the time. There is one road we walk down where there is like absolutely no one around and we sing our hearts out.  Haha!  We basically laugh about everything.  He’s Cebuano too so he’s really good in English.

We’ve been working really hard this week.  We had district leader training so I was gone for an entire day while Elder Lim worked in another area, but we were still able to teach a lot of good lessons and gained 2 more baptismal dates.  I’m really glad that we’ve been able to work really hard in this area. Taguig Zone has been one of the zones that has been struggling the most in the mission since it’s so small and mainly squatters, so they transferred half of the zone and put a bunch of new missionaries in. I'm hoping that my enthusiasm will be able to help everyone change their attitude about Taguig City.  We've also been really trying to become more unified as a zone.  Like for General Conference, I texted everyone to bring ulam (a dish) for a potluck and today after district meeting, we had volleyball set up for the zone.  So it's been fun.  It’s a different feel from when I would visit as an office elder dropping off mail and such.  I've been working close with the zone leaders (my kabahay- housemates) to help them get everyone excited to work here. It’s been going well. Everyone is loving life.

This week’s spiritual experience comes from last night.  Elder Lim and I were going home and it was like 8:20, we thought, hey! we have 40 more minutes, let’s do some tracting and see if we can find a new investigator.  So we tried walking down this street and Elder Lim wanted to ring the doorbell of a really rich house and I said, “Get back here! What are you doing! They’re not going to let us in!”  Then we started walking and then we looked at each other and said, why not?  So we went back and Elder Lim rang the doorbell then hid behind me.  Suddenly, the door opens and I was face to face with this really rich looking man.  The only thing that popped into my mind was to try the English approach.  So I said, “Hi, we are missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and we want to share a message with you about how families can be together forever.”  Now after I had said that I was like, What am I doing! We don’t usually tract in this mission and I’ve never tried the English approach before, or haven’t had much chance to in the last 6 months.  But he replied, “Is this going to be long?” and I said, “No, no, no, only 10 minutes of your time.”  So he let us in kaagad (right away)!  I was so shocked! I’ve never been let in that fast before.  So, we taught a good 10 minute lesson on who we are and we’re going to try to go back.  The guy’s mom wanted us to leave cause it was late.  Haha!  But it’s all good.  It still worked and we declared the word!  I love the work!  I’m glad to be back in the field!

It's been great but I’ve got to go now.  Elder Lim has been done emailing for a while and we need to go shopping.  Thanks for everything!  I love you all!

Doing you Proud,
Elder Froude ^_^

Full moon in the Philippines
Farming side of Taguig
This little body of water leads to Laguna Bay
Where we ride boats to go from place to place
Found some wandering goats

Some of the places in my area 

Interesting, huh?
I can fit in here, I swear!

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