Thursday, April 4, 2013

March 29, 2013 – Happy Easter!

Dear Mom, Dad, Ryan, and everyone who has ever celebrated their 1st birthday,

            I am sad to report that not much has occurred since I last emailed you due to a sudden case of food poisoning from a meat lover’s pizza from Papa John’s Pizza. I have since spent 2 full days in bed throwing up and losing an uncertain amount of weight and basically eating nothing but Gatorade or Sprite and Skyflakes (crackers). We were spending the night at the mission home with Ben while President and Sister DeLaMare and the Assistants went to Mindoro. Anyway, Ben ordered 2 pizzas, Pepperoni and Meat Lovers. I ate 3 of each, my companion ate 1 pepperoni and 3 meat lovers’ slices and Ben ate all pepperoni. My companion had bad LBMs all night and most of the next 2 days. I didn’t feel anything until we got to the office where I proceeded to throw up everything I’ve eaten from the last 24 hours. The Harris’ were kind enough to drive us home and I spent the next couple of days in bed. It was horrible! Worst day ever really. But on the bright side, I lost a few pounds.  Haha! I’ve just been recovering from that experience; this is my 3rd day back fully functioning in the office and I’ve been mostly taking it easy. I’ve eaten probably a 4 meal’s 
worth of food all week.

            Sayang naman, kasi, (it’s really too bad) I just happened to get sick when all of the stores were open. When I got better, it is Holy Week and all the stores are closed!!! But the streets are so empty, I can get everywhere so fast and all of the streetlights just happen to like me this week. Just zooming through traffic well, since I’ve been strong enough to drive again. Haha!  Holy week is so interesting here. Like last year, there are hoards of people walking up to the mountains; on the roads, parades of giant Catholic floats of Saints. And there are a few other interesting traditions.  Some people walk down the street with whips and they whip their backs to repent for their sins.  In San Fernando, Pampanga, I saw on the news in a restaurant that they have people lined up and they crucify people for 5 minutes and then let them down.  Full on real nails and everything. It’s Crazy! It’s also a tradition that the first rain that falls after Easter Sunday is Holy water, so they will put out buckets and bottles to catch all of the rain. I’ll get a picture for you when it rains. Haha!
            Besides that I’ve spent a lot of time reading the Bible this week, studying about the life of the Savior and his last week in dedication to Holy Week. Jesus the Christ by Talmage has also been a good read while I’ve been sick. It was really great to read again about the life of the Savior and actually set aside a good amount of time besides personal study to read about the Savior. I’ve been mainly focusing on how he teaches and what kind of questions he used.  It’s really nice; I’m not done yet so next week I’ll let you know what I find.  J  I’m excited!
            A few friends have been emailing me since the change in emailing rules. I just wanted to thank everyone for taking the time to email me.  But even though I can email everyone now, my time is still very limited and I hope you can understand if I can’t always get back to you. Thanks!

Thanks for staying up with me and thank goodness for internet service this week!!! I have to go now but I Love you all! Have a great time watching my favorite movie.  I hope you all have a great Easter and remember the real meaning of the Sabbath day and the true meaning of Easter.

Doing you Proud,

Elder Froude ^_^
Metro Manila Skyline at night
Another one...
Metro Manila daytime

With a hat that Elder Harris gave me.  Yeehaw!
Aurora Chapel/Mission Office - I work at the basement.
With Elder and Sister Staton

Morong, Rizal Province - City of Teresa

We dropped off an elder here in Morong.

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