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November 29, 2013 – Missing some turkey dinner

Dear Mom, Dad, Lauren, Elder Froude, and everyone who just enjoyed a Thanksgiving turkey dinner while I had spaghetti,

Haha! Man, I miss turkey right now! I had some turkey jerky if that counts! Well, how was Thanksgiving on your end? Here it was just okay…nothing too special happened, although, we were asked to speak at a conference for psychiatrists in our chapel that day. It’s actually been a quiet week for the most part. Well, as quiet as things get in the office. That just means we had more time to work in our area. We actually just split it again so there are 3 companionships in our ward now. We basically gave the sister missionaries most of our area and all of our investigators, except for the area around the Aurora chapel and Eastwood. So, we did a lot of finding yesterday and it felt good to go out and work again.

Other than that we just had one zone conference this week and it was good. It was a lot more organized than the last one, in regards to our workshop, mainly because we found out how to get the training video to work on President’s laptop! Yes! So that went until 5 and then we had a couple emergency transfers to do, which took us all over the mission, literally from one end to the other so we didn’t get home until midnight and that was killer. I drove for 6 hours… O.o man that was a long time, but the road we took was so nice! We went up to one of the mountain areas of our mission and the stars were so clear and there were no cars at all!!! It was a nice change from the traffic of the city.  I loved it!

But the next day I got sick, I had a sore throat which eventually led to being a cold. Nothing too bad, it just made life miserable for a little bit. We all need to feel misery every now and then to understand true happiness, di ba (isn’t that right)? Opposition in all things. In any case, it helped me to reflect and do some self-evaluation and I realized that I need to give more of my time to the Lord as I am working. Things have become a little too routine for me and I should be a little more sincere in my prayers and read my scriptures more often. But I’m repenting and trying to do better. It’s my last few weeks in my mission and I need to give it my all, and I need to give my all to the Savior as well. He gave me his all so he deserves nothing less from me. I owe it to Him. But it seems to me that the more I try to pay Him back for everything He’s given me, He blesses me more! At this rate I could never catch up but, nonetheless, I will do my best.

On the bright side though, I have been able to catch up on some rest and heal up. I still have a bit of a cold but it’s really nothing major. I do, however, feel good cause I had a good night’s sleep. And we’ve been fed by other families the last two nights.

We had a great time at the Benfit family’s house doing their first FHE as a family! They’re preparing to go to the temple and they are not looking back! Haha! It was great! Brother Todd got a little bit emotional because of all of the great changes they’ve made lately and it’s really brought them together as a family. That’s what missionary work is all about! And it’s been great to get to know them. They told me that in July they’ll move to San Francisco! I entirely want you all to meet them! It will be great! 

I finally got my travel itinerary and I'm really excited but I’m trying to not let my excitement distract me. I'm actually a little anxious about going back to the real world. Everything will be different really. Nonetheless, I will go forward with faith. My vision gave me some good direction. I'm planning to close out with nothing less than my best. I will go out with a bang! I just finished printing out and organizing a 37 page mission rules/resource book for all the missionary companionships in the entire mission made with my design! It's over 6 weeks in the making.  Haha! Then, I've been practicing Tagalog Christmas songs for our Christmas Conference. I’ve also been working on making a mission song…just new lyrics to a hymn but specifically for the Quezon City Mission. So, things are keeping me busy here. And, hopefully, I’ll be able to leave behind a lot in influencing this mission for the better.

That’s all for now! Till next week!  I love you all!

Doing you Proud,
Elder Froude ^_^

Here are some pictures of the relief efforts we did with ABS-CBN network last week. They are newscaster/actors from the news station ABS-CBN; they are famous from the tv show It's Showtime!!! Ann Curtis announced on their news station a personal thanks to the missionaries of the Quezon City mission for their help in this project of preparing relief goods for Tacloban. This was filmed on the set of Pinoy Big Brother.  We even had a few elders interviewed. I got to meet one of the artistas. His name was Erruption. He's an RM from New Zealand that got famous in the Philippines. He was the one who got a hold of our number and called us to have us help them with this project. It was great!!! While I was carrying rice he asked for me personally and we talked for a little bit and he gave his thanks. Several elders took pictures of us but I couldn't cause I was talking to him but I’ll try to get those pictures and send it to you. Man, that guy was big!!!

Ann Curtis with other actors

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