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August 19, 2012 – Hey, hey! Some news!

Well, I've kind of been struggling lately trying to figure out why I'm in Mindoro. I am basically the youngest in the house, my companion is a district leader and my kabahay (roommates) are zone leaders. The sisters are all amazing missionaries, so in the branch I feel like the weakest link.  But during zone interviews all of my thoughts had just changed.  When President was giving me a blessing, he thanked me for my example to my companion of being diligent and that I have been able to help him grow these last two transfers.  I thought it was really interesting to hear along with others things.  But then my companion told me that President told him that he was happy with the success that we've had in our area; we have the lowest amount of less actives of the 8 of us but we have the highest number going to church and lessons taught each week.

I then remembered that when I first got here my companion told me that the work here is tough and that the highest they've ever gotten was 6 lessons in a week.  Well, when I came in, we have not had lower than 4 lessons a day!  And honestly we have had the most success with less actives in this area, even greater than Pasig.  The last 2 weeks we had 18 LAs at church and this week 15.  In the 3 months we've been here, we had 6 members return into activity with 4 more on the way next week.  My companion, when he was young in the mission was discouraged from the work, but together we've been able to do so much for the area.  We're getting along great now.  He's even talking to me for good amounts of time about things.  So, he's definitely changed a lot. I've changed a lot.  And all I know is that before I came, San Jose 1 didn't have much success.  Since I've been here, we have the highest numbers for reactivating LAs out of the 8 of us. ^_^  That was a great thing that I realized this yesterday.

I want to share an experience about specific prayer that I've had these past two weeks.

The zone leaders, Elder Herr and Elder Duenas, have been praying specifically for referrals for their area, and in 2 weeks they went from 1 to 13 referrals!  So, I decided I wanted to try it.  So, for weekly planning last week I prayed specifically so that RJ's heart may be softened and that he would become open to the gospel.  Well, last week we asked him about how he feels about the lessons we have been teaching and he said he wanted to be baptized.  Yesterday, he came to church with Noemi and their two kids. They walked the 6 Kilometers to church just to make it!  It takes me about 20 minutes to run a 5K.  Walking would take forever!  But they still came!  ^_^  I saw him in sacrament meeting and I was so happy!  It was a great feeling to see him there with his wife, supporting her. ^_^  Prayer does work, I can testify of that.

Noemi, RJ, and their kids
Nagpapasalamat po ako para sa lahat ng Biyaya ng Diyos sa area ko. Dahil kung wala siya, impossible 'to talaga. Pero dahil nagtiwala ako sa Diyos, ginabay niya ako sa lahat ng pagsubok ko. Alam ko po na, ibinigay niya sa akin yung kalakasan na lampasan lahat ng pagsubok at pasanin ko. (I am so grateful to God for blessing my area. This work would’ve been impossible without Him.  Because I had faith in Him, He has guided me and helped me in my moment of need.  I know that He gave me strength to overcome my trials and burdens.)

This week I prayed that we can receive referrals too.  In the past 4 days, we have had 5 referrals; 2 of them are super rich houses and business owners that the Zone leaders found with President Delamare. So, I can't mess this one up!  This is what the area presidency wants, people to contact and teach upper and middle class homes.  :)  It should be great to see how this will go on Wednesday…wish me luck!

We had an absolutely great lesson on Tuesday with the Whitings. On this day it rained super hard. During one lesson we were teaching about the atonement and it was raining so loud we couldn't hear the other person speak.  So, I decided we should sing a hymn; "I know that my Redeemer Lives."  Around the 2nd verse, the rain completely stopped and the Spirit flooded the room.  By the end of the song, the Spirit was so strong that you could cut it with a knife.  Then, President and Sister Whiting began to speak about the atonement of Christ.  Everyone in the room had their eyes on the Whitings.  Although they spoke English, the Spirit testified to the Munar family of the truthfulness of their words.  At the end of the lesson, Brother Munar asked for a blessing to cast out the evil spirits of his dreams (this man was in the military for 21 years) and after President Whiting gave the blessing, he cried.  This less active family will be fully active next week. ^_^  And I’m confident that It was because of the spirit we felt that day. I just want to testify of the importance of couple missionaries.  Even if they don't speak the language they bring in a spirit so strong.  The language of the Spirit is understood by all.  They bring in a living testimony that families can be together forever with the testimony of their 49 years of marriage and the happiness that radiates from their countenance.  I know that couple missionaries are needed in all missions and I say these things in the name of Jesus Christ.  Amen.  

You know, one of the things I miss most, which I didn't realize till now, was watching movies with you guys all the time ^_^ at the movies or even at home. Those are good memories ^_^  Sorry, I didn't take a lot of pictures this week because of the storms.  I didn't want to bring my camera with me most places; some of the flooding was up to my shin earlier this week.  But it has been sunny the last 4 days :)

Okay, ingat po!!!!  I love you so much!  Thanks for staying on with me :)  Have a good week!  I'll pray for you all specifically this week.  ^_^  Miss you a ton!

Doing you Proud,
Elder Froude ^_^

Please tell Anton that I got his letter and pictures. Tell him Thank You! and that I loved them!

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