Monday, September 10, 2012

September 9, 2012 - Hey, hey! How's it going?

Mindoro is wonderful as always!  The storms are gone now, just a little rain every now and then, but it's the Philippines so it’s nothing new.  I'll just need to buy another umbrella cause I broke my last one... the 3rd time!  Haha!  Just a few things to illustrate how Mindoro is: Everyone loves to play music.  My neighbors play music a lot of the time at night or during study time.  It's just sometimes I'm like... OH Come On!!!!  I can't escape Lady Gaga even in the Islands of the Philippines!!!  Haha!  One day we went to teach an investigator family and they were singing karaoke of old 90s to 2000s songs and asked us to come back another time.  Oh Filipinos!!!  Another story… I’ve started washing my clothes by hand again because our labandera (washer woman) is out in Manila. I WILL NEVER complain about doing laundry ever again!  A washing machine is a wonderful invention!  Don't under appreciate what you have…ever!

Since the last transfer, I am now a Senior Companion and my new companion is a Senior Companion as well, so we are both Co-seniors.  My companion is doing well.  We actually teach well together.  It is the first time I am with a companion that speaks less Tagalog than I so I've had to step up my teaching and speaking and listening skills.  It's been great!  I can really feel the progression.  We actually do have a lot in common and have fun when we teach.  Our focus is showing people that the gospel is fun, this is a church of happiness and that God is a God of Love.

Our less actives have been doing great.  We've been able to help a few of them return to activity like Brother Noli Novencido.  He is hilarious and since we started teaching him, he now has a desire to be sealed to his family in the temple! ^_^  Which is great and a miracle because he didn't want to listen to us before!  The problem now is keeping the reactivated to stay active and finding new less actives and teaching all of them.  The thing is, when we let the returned members become more independent and we focus on new less actives, the reactivated ones return to being less active.  >.<  It's hard to keep them all up at the same time. But kaya ko. (I can do it.) It can be done.  Siempre!  (Of course!)

Other than that we’re doing well.  We've been working with the branch missionaries.  One of the great things about the branch helping us with the mission is that we can get into homes of less actives more often.  I remember last night we went to visit a less active and she said to come back another day. Then she saw some of the branch missionaries we had with us who were friends of hers and she kindly let us in and meet other members of her family.  It was a great experience!  I feel that the use of the branch members can help us get to the higher hanging fruit in the area.

About my investigators… Sister Noemi and RJ are still doing well.  I gave them the Liahona magazine to read and RJ and Sister Noemi have been reading it and told me how much they love the prophet’s words and the words of the general authorities.  We have a new family that we've been able to commit to baptism on October 27, the Perez Family. I'll get you a picture of them for next week.  Anyway, they were a kind family that took Grace (a member) in to finish school since all of her family are on different islands.  Anyway, we talked to them about the gospel and now they have a baptismal date!  ^_^  I'm so glad!  Hopefully, I’ll still be here to see them enter the waters of baptism. I've been doing all I can to help them.

Oh and for all of those who write to me, I AM NOT A SLOW REPLIER!!! ^_^  It just takes a month, at least, for me to receive your letters because I’m on a different island.  Then, I have to wait till someone comes down to our island or goes up to the mainland (not often) to send you my letter. Then, you have to wait 2 weeks (after all this happens) for it to get to you.  It's not my fault  :P  Snail mail kasi! (Because it’s snail mail!)

I LOVE the photo album you made for me!  It was a great surprise!  Actually, this is the fastest a package has gotten to me.  I was surprised to get it so soon.  Anyway, thank you all for your support and for all your prayers and cards and letters and packages!  Thanks for the pictures and keeping me updated on everybody!  Oh and just so you know, one of my favorite things to get in the mail is a talk from one of the general authorities that means something special to you.  It's a nice spiritual experience to receive a talk in the mail and the impressions that my friends and family have received when they read them. 

Yea, I’m aware I won't be here forever so I’m enjoying every moment.  Don't worry, I love finding the things in life that bring happiness.  ^_^  Sometimes, some small boys walk through the fields or through the jungly areas and such or shoot slingshots and I think... hey, that's what my dad did when he was their age!  It's fun :)

Hey guys, my hour is up and other people need to use the computer so I'll need to go in a little bit, okay?  Thanks for everything.  Tell Ryan to email me about his new senior life!  I miss you and love you all!

Doing you Proud,
Elder Froude ^_^

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