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April 8, 2012 - Part 2

Weekly Mail Part 2

So, here I am back in an internet shop in order to finish my email and email my Mission
President. Soooo, I have much kwento about the past few hours :) :) :)

Well, we picked up Sis. Alice and took her to the mission office by taxi…110 pesos from our area...grabe!  (Oh my goodness!)  Haha!  Ayos lang. (It’s okay.)  Anyway, on the way over, I was talking with Sister Alice and how she's been feeling about her interview with president.

So, let me give a little more background on what's been going on. Sister Alice has been an investigator for 9 months so far. She first heard of the church and started taking lessons in Makati City and has been through a lot since then. She has a 2 year old son, Mateo. Remember how I said that I thought she was 23 or 25? Well, she's actually just turned 20...haha!!! But it makes the story even harder for her. Let's just say she's been through a lot and she's moved out of her family’s house and is living with a friend. She just made things up with her family and now they are against her again...long story short, it's been a long and arduous journey for her as she's struggled to find the Church. Pero, good news, she's read through the Book of Mormon twice :)

Last month, she went to see president for the first time to get baptized. But she was put on probation because she told president that she felt that she's not ready. Good for her to be strong enough to realize this fact. Because the thing was, she really wasn’t ready and she didn't want to be a part of this church she knows is true unless she was ready.  So for the last month, Elder Peralta and I have been working with her in her repentance process and be ready for baptism although we've only met with her 2 times at her house. Thank goodness for the Spirit telling me exactly what to say to her in those times because it was not until today that I understood her actual situation.  All I knew was that God loved his precious daughter in front of me. Looking back, I know that the words I’ve been speaking to her can ONLY be from God because I did not realize how perfect for her the messages I have given her…in the order they were given and in the way it was spoken.

Well, as we approached the mission office, she was feeling really depressed without the support or love of her family. She was in need of something good in her life, in order to help her support her son, Mateo, without her grandma to watch him while she's at work. I was feeling for her, and wanted to help so bad but knew not how to. But when we got into the office, it was a very friendly and happy atmosphere with other missionaries also getting interviews. I'm thankful to the missionaries who were so friendly to her and made things more comfortable for her. The AP Elder Kinikini was a great help to us. I even saw a sister from my batch back at the MTC. She told me that she and Elder McCoy made it to the PHI on Wednesday!!! YES!!! I'm glad he's doing well. Anyway moving on, so she was feeling quite nervous but I was talking to her and giving her comfort the whole time. I suddenly got a thought to pray with her before the interview, so I asked if she wanted to go outside with Elder Peralta and I and we could offer a prayer for her. So we went outside the building and I offered a prayer for her and for God to give her comfort and bless her with the Holy Spirit to guide her and watch over her in the interview. And after that, we got a text from our housemates that they were praying for her too. ^_^ Wow, I showed her the text and let her know that she has more support than she even knows. I think that was very comforting for her cause she relaxed after that.

So, then she went into the office of President and we began to wait, hope, and pray for her.  And to whoever may be reading this, I can testify to you that God does answer prayers. I know this is true, because Sister Alice came out of that interview and she said she was cleared for baptism. !!!!^_^!!!! After 9 months of missionary after missionary work, Elder Peralta and I were the ones to help her get to that final point. President Delamare seemed really confident in Sister Alice and her process of repentance that she's been through. I already knew she had truly repented because I could see how she's experienced that Godly sorrow and humility. My family and friends, I have seen the Hand of God lift a young women from the depth of despair and brought her to the young woman I saw walking out of the office jumping up and down telling us that she is finally able to be baptized. The baptismal service of Sister Alice will be held this Saturday at 7pm. She couldn't wait so we scheduled it as fast as we could.  haha!!! A good friend of hers will be baptizing her.

For the first time on my mission I have felt the true happiness that only a missionary can feel. This is the greatest happiness I think I’ve ever felt. But it's a different kind of happiness from anything I’ve ever felt before. I can't describe it except for that it felt like God lent me some of his happiness to see his prodigal daughter come back to him, after knowing how hard she's struggled to get there. I feel honored, so honored to have been able to help her return to the blessing and comfort of her Father in Heaven. Although I cannot take most of the credit, for 9 month’s worth of missionaries in many areas of the Philippines have helped her get here. I was lucky enough to see her through to the end.

Celebrating with Sister Alice after her interview...
Above are some pictures we took at the mall celebrating with ice cream and many high fives!!! (resisted giving her a hug like I would if not a missionary).

So is this mission worth it?
You bet, 2 years is hardly enough time to give if I could feel that Joy again and again and again. I'm sure that there are many others like Sister Alice that need us out there, so for them and for God, I will continue my journey and rejoice (D&C 100:12)
Am I sure this is my purpose in life?
I've never been more sure of anything in my life than this mission. I can honestly say that now. I have tasted of the fruit of the tree of life and i want all to partake.

That is the best I can give you with this weekly letter, I cannot add more because nothing can compete with the experience I’ve had today.

Wow, what a P-day ^_^ haha!

However, know that just because I’m a missionary, doesn't mean that you cannot also feel the joy that I have. I know for a fact that there are sister Alice’s around where you are right now looking for a way to escape their pit of despair. Give them the light, show them the way back to Christ. Pray for missionary experience with real intent and I know that the Lord will put people into your life that will need the knowledge that you have about the Gospel and your experiences. The Lord knows where his lost sheep are. I know that you can bring them back to the fold.  If I knew then what I know now, I would have shared the Gospel with everyone I knew back home XD. Cause this is the greatest feeling!

Haha!  Okay, well that's my day and the highlight of the week, all the stresses and problems before do not matter now. And I’m about as excited as a newborn puppy! I'll have many pictures next Monday!!! I love you all, I pray for you every day, so I know you'll be fine. Do what the Spirit directs and you'll never be wrong, and the powers of darkness will never be able to lay a finger on you! Alam ko po na tooto ang Simbahan Ni Jesucristo ng Mga Banal ng Mga Huling Araw. Alam ko po na, Mahal Tayo ng Dyios. I know this is true because I’ve seen the Lord touch the lives of many people and have even saved those who have the need and the desire to come unto Christ. And bear witness of God's love and works for his beloved Children and I am grateful for the wonderful Sacrifice of the Lord Jesus Christ so that we may be able to return to him and become clean from all of our past sins and mistakes through his Atonement. I know that when thou art in darkness, if you cry unto the Lord, he will show the light and show you the way. In the Name of Jesus Christ,Amen.

Doing you Proud,
-Elder Froude ^_^

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