Tuesday, April 10, 2012

February 3, 2012 - I forgot how many emails I’ve sent so this will be the title haha!

Hey guys!

It's so great to hear from you all. I love all of the love and letters you've been saving me. It's too bad my package came in a day late. It was supposed to come in the same day as the letter, since I sent them at the same time but oh well... kawawa naman si Daddy. LOL okay so now time to answer all of your questions and letters.

So about the Samoan elder encounter. I've learned much from it, reading your letters has helped me realize that I have much more to learn from it than I had originally realized. Now to answer Dad's questions.

1. Though my actions were in the defense of the name of Christ, my actions were emotionally driven.
2. I was not the most Christ like in my demeanor towards him, but I was bold and clear in my words and deeds, and for Samoan’s...no more subtle way would reach their ears. Considering the end result I believe that what I did was not the most righteous action, but it did gain me his respect. In the halls now he says hi, gives me a firm handshake and treats me like he does the other Islanders. My bold method did gain me his respect.
3. If it happens again I probably would not act the same way. It was situational and only effective because I prayed much about my actions after the fact. Little did I expect a miracle to come out of it. I would handle it next time with more charity, but with the same boldness. (I'm working on being simple, powerful, and clear with my words when I teach)  (Explanation later)

This is a great experience for me to learn from. And I think the Lord is preparing me to talk to 
Elder A. about his habit of breaking the rules. Sigh... it’s okay I have a plan to talk to him with charity and boldness.

Now to the good stuff...

The 50th anniversary of the MTC. No, the Prophet didn't come, but Elder Holland and Elder Nelson did!!! Elder Holland is my favorite apostle speaker. The spirit they bring is so strong; I could barely control my joy! I joined the choir so that I could have a reserved seat in the same room as them ^_^!!! Elder Holland bore his testimony of missionary work because Elder Nelson was the speaker. Anyway, it was a great and powerful testimony. He basically said what I said to the Samoan elder. "You hold with you at all times the name of Christ. Be worthy of that name and the office you hold. Be the missionary the world expects you to be and the missionary that the prophet wants you to be. ^_^ I loved that.

Elder Nelson gave an account of many of the early and very successful missionaries like Samuel H. Smith (baptized thousands) Dan Jones, who in wales baptized 500 people his first year and thousands more from his bold methods of advertising that he would convert the town...weeks in advance. Because of the example of these and many other missionaries and the words of Elder Holland. I've decided I need to practice being bold in my work as a missionary. There isn't enough time to beat around the bush. Be bold and full of charity and have faith enough to know when the Spirit wants you to speak on what. That is the kind of missionary I want to be and am constantly working at. Even now.

I've been taking pictures but I’m impatient so I printed some out and I am going to send them to you through mail ^_^ it was cheap so don't worry about it. I just want you guys to have some actual pictures to hold in your hand. I'm becoming very old school. LOL (story later)

I've been praying for Ryan to get better and you too mom. I wanted to put your names on the temple prayer roll today but I couldn’t go. Elder McCoy just came back from his surgery last night on his ACL that he re-tore at the MTC. So, we've been going around Provo getting MRI's Doctors opinions, surgery, and medication. And I needed to stay with him this morning, so I couldn't go to the temple this week. Its okay he’ll recover in 8 weeks, but he'll be at the MTC the whole time. Kawawa naman si Elder McCoy, he'll be here 3 weeks longer than us. Pray for his fast recovery please.

Tagalog is coming along really well. I barely have to write down what I say anymore. Yesterday I did a 40 minute lesson with Elder Alofa'ae and Elder Rakuro and all I had written down were two scriptures and the word pagpapala (blessing). I can form sentences off the top of my head now and teach with the spirit and say most of what I want to say. And if I don't know it then I write it down and look it up later ^_^ the best way I learn the language is by teaching. I'm really inspired to learn this language because it’s the language of my people, and my parents and it’s a tool of conversion. So I’m working as hard as I can to get the language. Oh!!! To translate some of what you guys sent me. Dad said" How are you? I want to try to speak to you in Tagalog. See if you can understand me; Try to also reply in Tagalog for your learning." ^_^ it took my a few minutes to get it on Monday but by now I can translate much faster, with a wider vocabulary. Mom Said, “Okay, I’m going to bed because I’m tired. Take care and don't forget to pray to God." ha-ha!!!

My turn now: Miss Kita talega!!! ! Alam ko po na pwuede magdasal sa Diyos at tatanggap mga sagot sa pamamagitan ng Espirtu Santo. Alam ko po na totoo ang ito dahil naramdaman ko maraming pagpala at aliw ^_^
Sige na, mayroon ako isang minuto.

Mahal Kita!!!!  Love you!

Doing you Proud,
Elder Froude ^_^ 

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