Tuesday, April 10, 2012

March 10, 2012 - Last email from MTC

Magandang Umaga sa pamilia ko!!!  (Good morning to my family!)  So this is the last email you will receive from me where I only have 30 minutes to reply!!!  Yes!  Astig! (Cool!)  Anyway, so I’ve decided that if you all do dearelder.com me in the PHI or send me letters, it'll be quicker if I could just email you rather than wait 10-15 days for you to get a letter....unless it was important okay?  So how's everything going?  Thank you so much for the wonderful cookies: they were delicious and I loved them.  I have been sharing so don't worry ;) but I still have like 5 cookies left haha.  I did also love the candies that you sent me as well.  I love goldfish and sour gummie worms.  Masarap! (So good!)  Oh and I got your phone and tie package on Thursday and I’m so excited to use it.  I asked my branch president if it's okay so I’ll get back to you on Sunday, just to let you know if it's legal or not for him.  But I have faith it will be.  But if not I’ll email you and send it back.

So guess what dad?  I now for the last few weeks have found me love for pepper.  It adds so much taste to rather tasteless food.  I do now appreciate it.  

Saying goodbye to my companion and friend,
Elder McCoy.  He has to stay another 3 weeks because of his leg.
Okay so things are crazy here now, we are leaving on Tuesday and everyone's getting ready to pack and go.  I’m doing laundry right now and packing everything that I don't need in the PHI and putting it in a box.  We have a lot of big boxes.  I'll see how much it'll cost.  But I think I should bring with me dad's raincoat because I know it'll rain a lot there right?  Right now we've just been doing a lot of teaching in Tagalog so I think I’m okay in that area, and I feel natural talking about just normal get to know you stuff in Tagalog too.  So we'll see how it goes.  I think I just need to focus on listening and understanding for these next few days and ask my teachers to speak way faster.  SO that I 'm not shocked when I get there (too much) oh gosh.  Hindi ko alam kung handa ako!  Mabilis ang MTC stay ko! (I don't know if I'm ready.  My MTC stay was too short.)  Oh well, i'll just go and hit the ground running and pray that I get a great trainer!  Pray for me too please!  I know that you already do, haha.

Kumusta ang eskuwela na trabajo ni Ryan? Mabuti? or Hindi Mabuti?  (How's Ryan doing with his school work? Good or not good?) Have you been reading the book of Mormon at school and taking it where ever you go, Ryan?  It's never too early to start missionary work, Ryan.  But it is scary and I know that.  I have a friend in mind that I wish I was able to share the gospel with but didn’t.  It'll be like cliff jumping though my brother.  It’s scary before you do it, but once you take that leap of faith and actually do it, then you won’t' be able to help it but do it again and again and again!  Alam ko po na totoo it dahil naranasan ako ito araw-araw!  o Sige. (I know this is true because I experience this everyday.  Okay.)

Anyway, so infield orientation has been really great! We learned how to pass out Mormon .org cards and exercise faith and we've been taught cool object lessons and such. It's been cool. There were many famous Mormon missionaries that came and taught us.  Like the people from "The District" videos I’ve watched.  Anyway, it's all been nice and such. I've learned a lot, oh especially that miracles are… "the natural result of correctly applying true eternal principles." Now I understand so much because of it!

Okay I’m almost out of time, I’ll be able to call you all on Tuesday, probably around 5:00-7:00pm is when I’ll call, and stay on the phone till the minutes run out. XD  I have a 7 hour layover so I don't leave till 1am. XD  Lots of time to talk. Okay so I’m going to email Mama now so Ingat! Mahal Kita! Kita kits!!!

Doing you proud,
-Elder Froude

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