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Feb. 10, 2012 - So much to say so little time...

Wow, email day already? This week has just zoomed by. After the first 3 weeks it feels like everything is going into overdrive. SOO FAST!!!  Madali ang buhay ko!
Hahaha (joke lang) Anyway, so it's officially been past my month mark and things are starting to become easier and easier to comprehend. What I need to do now is focus A LOT on vocab. It's all good ^_^ Oh gosh, I’m getting to the point where I don't even need to look at my notes now to teach a lesson; I just need to work on asking questions to make sure that I know that they understand what I'm taking about.

Yay!  Letters from home!!!
Anyway.... thanks for sending me all of the dear elders this week!!! It's been great to read about Dad's 50th Birthday. Wow!  I wish I was there ha-ha!  It sounded like much fun and the food looked so good!!! Sooooo goooood!!! I loved reading the stories of Dad back at the PHI haha, especially Tito Pepe's letter tungkol sa the movie Melody and such. Haha!  Why haven’t I ever watched it? I have this strange desire to watch it now. XD  You holding out on me Dad?  Joke lang! I also really loved Anton's message about you Dad. It did make me shed a few tears. And I agree with it 100% ^_^  I probably should have written more sentimental stuff in my letter to you. Thanks, Mom, for sending me all of those and the very detailed letter about Dad's party. I felt like I was there.. haha! Oh btw, Could you guys thank Tita Jona for me for setting up the collection of money to help with my mission fund and all of the people who contributed? I'll write the cards when I can, but I’ve been so busy with the language and gospel as of late. Just wanted to let her know before I forget.

Congratulations, Ryan, for finishing your A.A!!! Glad that you're doing great so far in school. Keep it up! Remember that this is the time when you develop study habits, which have helped me so much in the MTC. My study habits from school. Just know that if it's worth Doing, Then do it with gusto! It's my personal Philosophy ^_^
Oh hey Ryan! I want you to read all of Ephesians chapter 6 and write in detail in your journal about each of the important points. Then tell me about it and I’ll give you my thoughts ^_^ I think it'll help you much!

Lauren! Thanks for the Dear Elder! Haha I love it. You know I truly have a strong testimony on the power of prayer and revelation through scripture. The weird thing was, I didn't even remember which scripture it was that I sent you until I looked back in my planner to find it haha. That’s how I know that I was led by the spirit when I was writing you because it fit so perfectly with you. Remember I wrote down that letter like 2 days before it really applied haha. But I’m glad I was able to be a medium by which the Lord wanted to communicate with you his wisdom. My testimony has been strengthened because of it ^_^

Okay so now to my stories!!!

We had a devotional on Tuesday that I really liked. One parable went like this.

"There once was a native American grandfather teaching wisdom to his grandson. The grandpa told the story around the fire about how in each and every one of us there are two wolves. One wolf represents all of the Evil in us; it holds all of the anger, prejudice, jealousy, lust that is in us. The other wolf represents all of the good within us, all of the peace, love, charity, serenity within us. These wolves are constantly fat war with one another inside us for control. The grandson looking frightened asked his grandpa, 'grandpa, which one will win?' and the grandpa wisely replied, 'the one that will win, is the one you feed,' " I thought that was a great story, cause it's so true that if we feed our anger and hate by dwelling on it, then it will overcome the good wolf, but if we are charitable and loving then that wolf will overcome the bad wolf.

 Now for quotes of the week!

"Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass. It's about learning to dance in the rain" (Megan sent this to me ^_^)

"When times get hard, we pray harder" (president Stott talked about this when a missionary in the PHI wrote to him.)

Oh btw dad! That video I sent you the story for is called Flakes of gold in Mormon messages on LDS.org It's better than how I wrote it ha-ha!!!


Alam ko po na Mapagmahal ang Diyos. Alam ko po na mapagmahal Siya dahil tayo and mga anak Niya. Dahil mapagmahal ang Diyos, tumawag ang Diyos ng mga propeta para sa atin. Nagturo ang mga propeta ng ebanghelyo ni Jesucristo. Nang nagturo si Jesucristo ng mga tao sa mundo, binasbas ng ebanghelyo ang mga tao.

Ay nako!!! Wala nang time. I'll send more Tagalog in my letter. Mahal ko kayo!!! Gotta go!

Doing you Proud,
Elder Froude

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