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Jan. 20, 2012 - MTC Email 2

Dear Mom, Dad, Ryan, Lauren, Richard, and whoever may also be reading,
WooHooo!!!!! Made it past week 1!!! And busier than ever! So much to say in 30 minutes so I’ll get right to it. I wrote down a list of things to say so that I don't forget, but they may not be in an order that flows well but it's all good!
So mom, guess what? I've been taking a lot of pictures lately and I'm going to put my SD card in an envelope and send it to you today so can you send me another SD card so I can keep taking pictures? Okay Thanks!
Hey Dad! Thanks for sending me that scan of the Prophet's message about missionary work. It got me all pumped up to work even harder!!! ^_^
The weather here is so cold and dry my skin gets dry really fast so I may need some more lotion soon haha. Anyway, so it's so great being a missionary. I get dressed in my best every day and looking at that badge never gets old. It's really nice to see "Elder Froude...The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints" on my suit all day every day. It's lets me know that I represent 1. My family, and 2. Jesus Christ.

My District mates...

In our classroom with my companion...

So, more about my experience with Aiza, Elder McCoy and I have been preparing so much and so well for Aiza, we've been teaching her about prayer and have had her commit to read and pray about the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon. All in Tagalog!!! It's babyish language, not too much structure but I say it with such confidence that at least I believe it was a good message haha. It gets frustrating sometimes to teach because I know what questions she is asking and how to reply, but I can't say it in Tagalog yet! There have been several times those when the Holy Spirit was able to guide what little Tagalog I know to make some sort of short strong statement about the gospel (ebanghelyo). After our 5th visit with her, we watched a video in class with Aiza speaking in English! You were right mom! SHE'S OUR TEACHER!!!! We have alternating teachers and she's one of them... I was so heartbroken when I heard it was a role-play haha!!! But it was a great experience. ^_^ It was all for our good so I’m okay with that. Now our teachers will all take a role of an investigator that they had and we'll be teaching them. It'll be interesting. It's a program they just started in June so it's new. :) I’m ACTUALLY excited about the opportunity to teach. I learn the best on the field anyway ;) okay 
Okay so more about the MTC. I've never been around so many young health conscious people!!! I guess that after a few weeks of eating junk they realize that a salad is good for them. Don't worry mom I'm eating healthy! I have a banana for breakfast every day and a salad with every meal. No ranch cause ranch has calories: p
Anyway so this first weeks were very interesting. I'm not my usually happy go lucky self. I think I know how Jimmer feels. I'm just starting out and I don't want to stick out too much or the other more experienced guys would be made and make life miserable. So I’m not out and about super social, I’m not showing off my knowledge of the scriptures that I’ve learned in college, and I’m not showing off how much Tagalog I know cause I’m Filipino and such. I'm just being a humble servant learning as much as I can. :) But I do what I need to do when the situation calls for it.
I'm so grateful for all of the devotionals that we have here at the MTC. It's what our district needed cause a lot of them were getting on edge and getting on each other's nerves. It happens when different people spend 24/7 with each other. and the devotionals solved all of the problems and brought the love back :).
My friends are writing me! I'm getting letters from Rachel, Schmuki, Mariah, Stacy, and Megan Carlson. ^_^ Letters are seriously like spiritual gold! I'm so happy to receive so much. However, I think some of the guys are getting jealous that I’m getting a lot of mail. I'm not saying send me less, but if you guys could write an elder in my district, Elder ----, he doesn't get any mail, and doesn’t like us talking about girls. He has the same Box number so if you could send him a letter every now and then I think 
it'll be good for him. 
 Anyway, I'm working out!!! We have gym time every day so I spend it splaying sports or working out. Either way, I’m going to get in shape for the PHI ^_^
 Tagalog is progressing so well for me ^_^ I can understand really well now!!! And there was one day this week when someone said Hi to me, and without knowing it I was having a nice short casual conversation In JUST TAGALOG!!! ^_^ Mahirap sa MTC pero Gusto Ko Mahirap. We sing in Tagalog almost every day. I almost cried when we sang Love at Home in Tagalog. I'm a very emotional guy okay!
THANKS FOR THE CALENDAR!!! I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!! I love all of the pictures that are there haha!
Hey, so I found the best way to get over procrastination, Devote yourself to one priority and just do that thing haha.  Anyway I have 20 seconds left.
Words of wisdom:
Desires dictate priorities, Priorities dictate choices, choices dictate actions, and actions dictate success -Elder Duncan 

Mahal Ko Kayo!!! 
-Elder Froude
~doin you proud 

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