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March 25, 2012 - In an internet cafe...

March 25, 2012

I've only had enough time so far to read a few of the emails, it's been kinda hard adjusting from getting awesome letters of encouragement and love every day to once a week. Haha!  It makes the week long if I think about it too much.  haha! Actually, this week has gone by pretty fast... now to answer your questions (haven't started the long email yet).
Me and my companion, Elder Peralta in our tiny apartment.
There are internet cafes all round Pasig City…there are like 3 about 50 feet from our apartment.  It's 20 pesos an hour, not bad.  I don't have hot water, nor do I boil it. I just use the faucet in the CR (comfort room) and I use the tabo to pour it on me; then I soap and shampoo and tabo again... haha!!! I actually don't miss warm showers too much; the cool water is refreshing. I just never swallow the water. XD

I have adjusted to the humidity and fortunately the weather has been so kind to us; not too hot except for Friday when it suddenly rained SUPER HARD!!! I was laughing the whole time because I’ve never seen such hard rain before.  Pasig, luckily, has a good sewer system so not too much flooding to impair the work. And I only carry a little bit of money with me at a time, and in the front pocket in a coin bag so I can pay for jeepneys and such. Speaking of which, some Jeepneys look super nice with a cool paint job and nice seats and others are super ghetto haha!

Bro. & Sis. Arduo...my nanay and tatay here in PI.
The food is good over here.  There is one family, recent converts, the Arduo's, that feed us whenever we don't have any dinner appointment. She made me some lumpia cause she asked what I ate back home and I told her what you cooked so she made fried lumpia.  But it was bigger and had noodles in it and was not like yours at all.  And I've eaten at a lot of restaurants too as a treat from the members. But, out of all the food I've had, none of it is better than your Filipino food ;)  Yours is way better!  Okay, I'll send this and answer the others in another email…


Dear Mom, Dad, Ryan, and whoever may be reading,

Well, what can I say...it's been an intense week. Just trying to get used to everything now, luckily, I’ve gotten used to the weather. Actually, the weather has been kind to us as of late. Not too hot at all. Well except for Thursday it was ready hot but that wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Then Friday it rained so hard!! Harder than any time I’ve ever been in the rain! My shoes and socks and pants got so soaked!!! haha But I enjoyed it so much XD Everything else has been just me trying to remember where everything is, We've had about 27 lessons this week to less actives and recent converts this week. So, that's been good. Working hard makes the time pass by like, "wait how did it get dark so fast?" And I haven't had to worry about sleeping or jetlag because once I get home, as soon as I hit the pillow I’m out.  XD  I'm always exhausted it's great! ^_^ But sometimes I don't want to get up in the morning cause I want to sleep more. LOL!

Without a doubt this mission has been the hardest thing I've ever had to do in my entire life. At the apartment, when I’m not doing much is when I feel the homesickness. It's pretty hard here cause everything here reminds me of you all!  From the humidity, to the Abba playing in someone's karaoke, or Journey in a jeepney or sometimes even, walking through a ghettto part of town and suddenly hearing “Jar of Hearts” playing.  haha!  One time at a restaurant I heard “King and Queen of Hearts” playing and it reminded me of all of our family road trips. Haha!  Normally, I just enjoy the song and it inspires me to work harder but then Journey played on a jeepney on the way to church on Sunday and I had to play the air drums to “Faithfully.” Haha!  It was an emotional experience.

But don't worry!!! I found out a way to overcome it! You see, now that I’m about almost 2 weeks in, I know the people and have a relation with them! Now instead of waiting for 2 years to go by, I can't wait till our next appointment with them because I’m seeing how they are growing so much!!!! I look forward to each and every new day. Which helps me overcome homesickness. If I focus on the people and not myself, then time moves by so fast and I accomplish much. ^_^ So don't worry about me, now that I know and love the people I can overcome my homesickness. It's just the adversary trying to ruin my work here but I won't let him win!

Right now we visit a lot of less actives and try to get them to come to church, many of them can't because they work on Sunday, and some can’t afford transportation.  Can you help me figure out how to get them to church or convince them to attend church?  Right now we use promised blessing to support our cause to get them to church and remind them of the atonement of the Lord and how important it is to partake of the sacrament to become clean every week.  So if you could help me find scriptures and stories or such to help them come to church I would be grateful. Although at the end of the day it is their choice to go or not, I just need to have them desire to go to church. That is my concern for now, so I’m putting all of my study and time into resolving their concerns and at least have them consistently read the scriptures. Cause then their faith will build from that.

Oh about our potential investigators…Sister Donita and Sister Jenine and hopefully Sister Alice. So, when I first heard these names I expected women with children and such right? That's the impression I get with the title sister.  Cause Brother Valeriano was about 60 yrs. oldwhen we baptized him.  Pero, Sister Jenine is 19 ,Sister Donita is 15, and Sister Alice is 25.  Haha!  I was shocked that they were so young and we were teaching them. LOL! Hopefully, they'll be able to make their dates which are this Saturday. Except Sister Alice. But Sister Jenine is reluctant because she hasn't told her parents she was taking lessons and she is worried they won't accept her. So, I told her to pray with real intent and sincerely to God if this church is true then to make her decision. (cause she's been reading the Book of Mormon) ^_^  I don't know, I just have this great love for the people here; it makes me realize that I am needed here and I need to be the one to make a difference.

Well, that's all that I have this week; we need to go out and buy food before we play Rugby with an investigator. Btw, for us, we get PDays all day according to the mission president; much needed. (usually you go out and work after 6pm) pero our Pdays are all day.  Yay!

Well, I need to get going preparing haha ^_^ I love you all and I serve my hardest everyday so that you can gain many blessings from the Lord. When I got super homesick one time, I referred to the scriptures which I used to comfort people in college and in the MTC.  So, I took my own counsel and read D&C 100:1 and D&C 100:12 for comfort and strength. ^_^ I hope you are all well. I love you all. Please keep yourselves healthy and don't do anything dangerous. Miss Kita!!!

Doing you Proud,
-Elder Froude ^_^

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