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Feb. 17, 2012

Dear Mom, Dad, Ryan, and Lauren, and all other readers.

First off I want to say that I did receive your package mom and dad. :) Actually I got the cookies on Saturday and the letter on Tuesday so it was weird haha!

Anyway, so it's been about 5 and a half weeks since I’ve been at the MTC and it's going great! Some of the older districts are leaving on Monday and we're getting 3 new districts in our zone by Wednesday. It's exciting :) FRESH MEAT!!! Haha!  It'll make the other guys feel good about their Tagalog when the new people come. So, on my progress with Tagalog, we'll be finishing the rest of the verb conjugation rules today, mang- verbs and Ipa- Verbs. It's been very interesting how they taught us. We learn the structure, they give us a few important verbs and terms, and then we figure out for ourselves how else to fill in the blanks. :) VAOL structure.  Oh and tomorrow we'll be learning how to properly use na/pa. So I’m excited for that. 

So in order to learn more vocabulary could you guys send me the song lyrics to Filipino songs like Nandito ako or Ha? so that I can learn the more conversational Tagalog as well?

Okay so I’ll send another email in a bit so that you can receive this one. The next one will have awesome stories.

Okay, so yesterday was the best and worst day ever!!! It was the best day ever because Elder McCoy and I were teaching some volunteers at TRC, Teaching Resource Center. And we were teaching Filipino RMs (returned missionaries) about some lessons. Anyway, what happened was we felt really good about our lesson…we were feeling the spirit and we taught them well about the importance of church attendance. And so afterwards the teacher, Brother Langer, (sub) asked us about how we do our lesson planning. I showed him my notebook with skeleton lesson plans about each principle in the 1st and half of the 2nd lesson. It has scriptures and questions I can use to apply to investigators needs and it came to pass that the teacher, guro, was impressed with what I had. Then he asked Elder McCoy and he pulled out 2 notebooks of ideas for teaching, then we told him how we pray about our investigator and what their needs are and we go with the spirit about what we need to teach. Then we figure out the need, think of a commitment to give them to help address that need then form the lesson around that. He saw how excited we were about teaching, and he asked us why we were so excited. He said, “I personally think that you guys are doing everything right with teaching, and you guys look so happy about teaching, how can I take what you guys are doing and pass it on to the other missionaries? I want them to be as excited as you are.” I told him that it’s because I know why I’m here. I don't think many of the missionaries realize just how important the work is. But we do, we love the people and we want them to be able to receive this message the best way we can. What it basically came down to was that we love the people in the PHI and for that reason we work hard all of the time. When we teach, we have love for them and we want to be able to help them receive this message. (I said it a lot more profound) but long story short, he wrote down what we said and is going to share it with the other teachers. There are plenty of missionaries who say, "Well when I get out into the field... I’ll start doing this... or I'll start being obedient, or I’ll start planning well." And I personally hate that so much. Because your mission has already started…the MTC is your field right now. The habits you make in the MTC will set you off for the rest of your mission. If you are obedient and develop the good habits they teach you, you bring that to the PHI. If you are lazy and don't plan and break rules...guess what they'll do in the PHI. So Elder McCoy and I decided to do what we can here at the MTC, our mission has started and we will not waste any of the Lord's Time.

I’m out of time, but I care not right now because there is more I want you to know and I don’t want to wait 5 days for you guys to get it. Pasensya...

Anyway, so after that, the other companionship came in to the room. Apparently, they didn't get to teach TRC because of companionship issues. Elder Wilde and Elder Alofa'ae are two different magnetic poles and Elder Rakuro feels like he's getting pulled between them both. There was basically a big argument. And they had a harsh companionship inventory. As district leader, I pulled them all aside one by one and talked to them in different rooms about what happened and gave them my counsel. It was the more stressful part of this mission so far. But all I did was let them talk; the only time I even talked to them was at the end. But because I did that, each one of them said how great of a district leader I was, and I didn't even realize how much they watch what I do. So I have had humbling experience learning about how influential I actually am. But I just let them talk. All I did was promise them blessings of obedience as the Spirit directed and gave them scriptures of comfort. All they really needed was someone to talk to so I was that person. I think it's the first time I’ve felt like district leader. But I promised them I would make sure they got to the PHI. And they appreciated that. Anyway, I’m way over time and I have more to say so I'll write a letter and it’ll get to you eventually. grrr... postal system... >.<  Anyway, I love you all…everything is now way better with the district.  Thanks for all of the emails and letters and dear elders!!! Love you… Ingat!!! Kita kits ;)

There’s my letter, I only had time to write half of what I wanted.  Anyway, ingat !!!!  Love you, take care! Please stay healthy you all!

Doing you Proud,
Elder Froude ^_^

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